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BCH House Venezuela has published the first social media documentary. This document shows Venezuelans using cryptocurrency for exchange. Roberto García, the founder of this initiative, shows us the level of adoption the BCH House initiative has reached in Barquisimeto — a city in the west of the country — and how merchants are embracing cryptocurrencies.

BCH House Venezuela Showcases On-Site Adoption

BCH House Venezuela (a BCH adoption organisation) has published its first documentary. This document shows the progress of the organization in encouraging the use bitcoin cash as both a currency and a store of value. BCH House’s action is centered in Barquisimeto (a large city of 1 million people) and shows how everyday merchants accept bitcoin cash.

Roberto García, the founder of BCH House Venezuela, interviews some of these merchants to see what they think about cryptocurrencies in general and investigates the way that they are using cryptocurrencies in their companies and stores. You can find these locations in bakeries, clothes shops and many more. One merchant said this about Bitcoin Cash

It’s an alternative for the customer given the problems we are facing now with POS and cash. Because banks take so long to process the funds, cryptocurrency technology makes them obsolete.

Benefits of cryptocurrency in Payments

The use of cryptocurrency is not new to Venezuela. This phenomenon was brought on by the extreme inflation in Venezuela years before.

It has also seen an increase in use of crypto, which made it one of the leading nations for cryptocurrency exchange volume. Because of its popularity, cryptocurrencies have become more widely used as payment methods. About the work that BCH House is doing to promote bitcoin cash, García stated:

We have a 4 executive team that are showing businesses the advantages of using Bitcoin Cash for payments, and we have taken support from Satoshi’s Angels to achieve this goal, taking advantage of the platform that the Bitcoin.com wallet offers.

García is bullish about the future of cryptocurrency adoption in the country, and while he has been focusing on small entrepreneurs, for 2022 he and his team will focus on onboarding bigger businesses to use bitcoin cash. Garcia suggested that malls, and large stores will accept cryptocurrencies as payment for their services.

This documentary can be viewed now on Youtube.

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