App Development Process with Bryce Vance

People are increasingly conducting business online because of the shift taking place in the digital realm. People have noticed the growth of app developers who have been instrumental in ensuring that you have an online office and platform. A mobile app lets you have all of your business information in one location, where clients can view it and choose to buy or make transactions.

Bryce VanceAs a CEO and Lead Strategist of the company, he is also a founder. Funnel Driven LLC, The Inbound SecretAll of this and more. Bryce boasts that he has been a leader strategist for fifteen years. Bryce, a coach, has found Chimera Development as his app development business. Bryce recognizes that a business needs an app and provides this service as well. The development process is shown below.

Identify your Objective

First, identify your goal or purpose. Answering what goal you have is helpful. It is your responsibility as a programmer to make the app meet its specifications. Consider whether the app will be needed to work on an apple device or android.

Your objectives should align with your organization’s strategy and purpose. Your objectives could include making your app most used in the company, offering a part-finder to enable customers to search for substitute products or tapping different groups. It is also important to identify app users.

Analyse and planning

Analyzing and planning includes identifying the functional requirements for development and creating a roadmap. The roadmap is then used to group them into milestones. Consider the cost, time and resources. You should identify the necessary skills and technology. Android apps are different from other operating system. Make sure you choose an unique name to represent your brand.

UI/ UX Design

Design is intended to provide a smooth and effective user experience. Your app’s layout should be easy for a customer or client to navigate as they view your products, your purpose or when they want to shop. Poor interfaces or poor integrations will turn off customers and clients. UI/ UX design ensures a simple, user-friendly and intuitive experience.

Some processes in design are: 

–          Architecture & Workflows; instills display information, data collected from users, and interaction.

–          Wireframes/ digital sketches

–          Style guide

–          Mockups, prototype; displays mobile app functionality using static designs

App Development

The three main components of the design process are: picking technology and delineating milestones. These are the back-end/server technology and API as well as the front-end of the mobile app.

It is possible to test

Once the entire process is completed, you will need to test your app through selected target audiences. Testing checks all aspects of an app, like user experience, functional state, performance, security, device & platform testing, to provide quality assurance. Once you have received the assurance, your app can be submitted to Google Play or App Stores under a Developer account. 


An app is a great way to increase your customers and improve user experience. You can read the entire article. Chimera DevelopmentsYou will get the most out of your app development experience with them as they care about transforming your ideas into high-quality results.