A Decentralized Social Media and Data Storage Protocol

Web3 will break free of the Web2 mega-corporations dominance and open up new peer-to-peer uses cases.

Web3 adoption is centered on DeFi, NFTs and, most recently, GameFi. However, data storage and social media are also prime candidates for decentralization, as SocialFi could be the next great thing.

Web3 Applications: Building a decentralized reddit and data portal

myMessage is the world’s first-ever decentralized Reddit-like social media and data storage platform, supporting evolving Web3 applications including a thread-reply bulletin board, messaging dApp, developer tools, SDKs, and encrypted data portal.

Initial development of myMessage messaging and data storage solutions is taking place on Zilliqa’s blockchain. It takes advantage its speed, throughput and low-fee distributed network to satisfy requirements. Integration of multiple chains across Avalanche (BSC) and Binance Smart Chains will be possible in the future.

The decentralized messaging dApp as well as a Reddit-like thread-reply bulletin board will be built on Polygon’s scalable layer 2 blockchain technology, after being awarded a Polygon Development Grant.

How to overcome the problems of centralized social media and data storage

It is an issue that the centralization of social media data storage and mainstream data storage can lead to privacy violations, censorship and security breaches. This economic imbalance favors platforms.

myMessage’s solution is to use decentralized social media, storing AES256 encrypted data and content permanently on a blockchain with quantum-attack-resistant security. A blockchain stores data that is permanent, immutable and transparent. It also prevents hackers, tampering or loss. Incentives that give back profits or proprietary rights to users can also be achieved through tokenization.

Data Storage and Messaging dApp

MyMessage costs $0.10 to send a message depending on the size, as opposed to cloud storage services that are centralized and have high costs. It works by using a smart contract that is connected to one of myMessage’s networks, and an app at the front end. Sending a message, or attachment, to the network requires that the user type the content and pay the appropriate fee in native MESA tokens. The users can access and retrieve the information they have at their disposal anytime, for no charge.

Because almost everything digital can be stored securely on a Blockchain, myMessage offers many uses cases.

Reddit’s Bulletin Board and Social Farming are akin to Reddit

Reddit-like thread reply bulletin boards will provide a way for users to exchange information, encrypt their messages and transmit data decentralizedly. This allows them to recover rights, control and value the data they have generated through socializing online.

Access to the myMessage bulletin board can be accessed by all users who have connected their Web3 wallets. Privacy-preserving, all users have access to data and are not at risk of being traced or exposed.

You can also earn farming rewards by simply socializing on the platform. Users will be able pay native MESA tokens in order to create private threads and comment. Users can also tip each other in MESA tokens if they get good comments or replies.

MESA Token Utility

MESA can be used to pay fees, tips and rewards in social farming. It has a capped supply limit of 5 trillion tokens.

MESA holders have the opportunity to vote and take part in DAO proposals. The platform will partially pay for MESA burns and buy-backs, and the Stakers get staking benefits for providing liquidity.

What’s Next?

It is anticipated that the MESA token launch, public sale, and DEX list will take place before the end of this year. There will also be staking and top-tier CEX listings and Avalanche integration.

This roadmap for 2022 will then deliver multi-chain Integration with BSC/Polygon, mobile app releases, and development tools during the build-up of full mainnet launch.


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