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Although regulations have become more strict and global bureaucrats are closely monitoring cryptocurrency usage worldwide, there have been a handful of privacy coins that have experienced a substantial increase in their worth over the week. Monero surged 13% over the last 7 days while token secret rose 50% and dusk increased by 47%.

Monero, Secret, Dusk Network Values Spike

A few privacy-centric cryptocurrency assets saw double-digit percentage growth over the past seven days. According to metrics stemming from coingecko.com’s list of privacy coin market capitalizations, there’s $12.2 billion worth of these types of assets.

Monero (XMR), which has a market value of $3.9 billion, had the highest market valuation as of January 17, 2022. The XMR exchanged hands between $212.45 and $229.66 for the past 24 hours. The monero (XMR), has gained 13% over the past seven days against the U.S. dollars. Year-to date, XMR rose more than 38% compared to last year.

15 Privacy Coins See Double-Digit Weekly Gains, Monero Jumps 13%,
Monero chart (XMR/USD) on January 17, 2022. This post’s seven-day price points are recorded on Monday at 2:00 pm (EST).

Zcash (ZEC), which has a valuation of $1.6 billion, holds the second largest privacy coin market value. ZEC’s value has fallen 3.6% over the past seven trading days. The value of zcash against the U.S.dollar has gone up 24% since this time last.

SCRT, a crypto asset secret, jumped 50% in the past week. SCRT has an estimated market value of $1.4 billion. The value of Decred (DCR), has also increased by more than 14% over the past week. The market value of Dusk Network (DUSK), which has an estimated valuation of $390 million, has increased by more than 47% over the last seven day.

15 Privacy Coins See Double-Digit Weekly Gains, Monero Jumps 13%,
These are the top ten privacy coin market values as of Monday, January 17, 2022. This post’s seven-day price point was recorded on Monday at 2:00 pm (EST).

30 Privacy-Centric Coins Made Gains This Week, 8 Privacy Tokens Outpaced Monero’s Gains

Some other notable privacy coins that saw significant increases in value were bitcoinz (BTCZ), APL, veil (VEIL), Masari (MSR), and Bitcoin private (BTCP), respectively. These privacy tokens all saw double-digit increases in value against the USD over the past week.

A total of eight privacy tokens outpaced monero’s (XMR) 13% weekly gain. However, XMR’s market valuation represents 32.25% of the aggregate value of all the privacy coins while ZEC’s market cap dominates by ​​12.90% this week.

15 Privacy Coins See Double-Digit Weekly Gains, Monero Jumps 13%,
Here are the top 10 privacy coin earners as measured by their weekly gains, Monday January 17th 2022. The seven-day price points of this post were made at around 2:00 PM (EST) Monday afternoon.

This week saw 15 privacy-centric cryptocurrency gains of double-digits, and 30 privacy coins have experienced weekly gains that are generally above 1%.

Secret (SCRT), third-largest privacy cryptocurrency market cap, currently represents 11.29 percent of $12.2 billion in privacy tokens. Decred (DCR) represents 7.14% of today’s $12.2 billion privacy coin-centric crypto economy.

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