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ZoidPay has secured a $75M investment to become the open architecture of choice for Web 3.0 financial services.

PRESS RELEASE. November 3, 2022, Bucharest, Romania — ZoidPay, the leading Web 3.0 architecture provider, has secured an investment commitment of $75M from digital asset investment firm GEM Digital Limited (“GEM”). Funding will go towards developing an open architecture that can be used for financial services. The fund also facilitates the first blockchain-based bank acquisition.

Supercharged Web 3.0 APIs & SDKs

ZoidPay launched in 2018. It has become a trusted provider of cryptocurrency liquidity solutions. They offer instant card issuance and payment processing for all merchants. ZoidPay has this experience and is now preparing to release an entire suite of Application Programming Interfaces (“APIs”) and Software Development Kits [SDKs] for B2B customers aiming to create the next-generation of Web 3.0 Financial Service Apps.

Eduard Oneci, CEO & Co-founderat ZoidPayThe following is a list

“The investment from GEM is a massive validation of what we are striving to achieve at ZoidPay. To have the financial commitment of one of the leading global alternative investment groups is the ideal backing we need to manifest a roadmap that will etch ZoidPay as the backbone of the Web 3.0 open architecture.”

ZETA is On-Demand Metaverse

ZoidPay also announced ZETA’s launch, a decentralized world that offers an immersive experience in Augmented Reality(AR), Virtual Reality® (VR), Extended Reality® (XR) and Virtual Reality® (VR).

ZETA is entirely built in-house and will allow retail customers to discover new avenues such as shopping, financial services, and other experiences that can help them expand their world. ZETA happens to also be the first Metaverse on-demand, giving B2B clients such as developers and Blockchain projects the freedom to design their customized digital world.

Web 3.0: Unlock the Full Power of Web

ZoidPay, currently in the final stages of the acquisition of a Digital Bank will assist with the transition of all Traditional Finance services into Decentralized Finance. Web 3.0. High-Yield Index accounts would be made available to end users. This marks the shift from legacy to digitization and decentralization. A retail user could get instant loans using Web 3.0, which would be available in every FIAT currency based upon all digital assets.

All of these offerings will eventually culminate into one of the most exciting upcoming fintech apps, ZoidPay’s Web 3.0 Super App. Billed a “Fintech PowerHouse” for Crypto and traditional Financial Services, the app will bring cards, Bank Accounts, Crypto, Bills, Investments, Insurance, and Loans into one place.

The app promises to extend retail users’ the convenience of switching their financial habits into autopilot mode. This app will bring together the best of both traditional and modern banking, while also offering control and flexibility.

Eduard continues:

“By the end of the first quarter of 2023, we aim to become the biggest Web 3.0 architecture provider in the world. It is the culmination of years spent building the necessary blocks to move in that direction. This includes forging partnerships, developing technology, and creating a highly capable team. GEM has now become a catalyst to our current stage of Hyperscaling. I’d like to extend a word of gratitude to the team at GEM for their incredible level of professionalism over the last year in this journey”

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ZoidPay, the open-architecture platform for developing the next generation Web 3.0 financial services was founded in 2018. This is the one-stop solution provider for crypto liquidity. It allows instant card issuance from all merchants at very low fees. LinkedInFor B2B clientele, ZoidPay offers full support APIs and SDKs to developers & financial businesses that want to build next-gen Web 3.0 financial services.

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