XRP Takes Lead Among Altcoins

XRP has maintained a daily calmness but emerged as the week’s top performer. The price of XRP climbed 18% in the past week, crossing the $0.5 threshold before plummeting. Other altcoins also suffered slight losses over the last week.

A dramatic shift in price movements is taking place on the crypto market. The crypto asset market has been moving in the opposite direction for the last few weeks. The majority of crypto coins have lost most of what they earned over the weekend, despite a slight recovery during the last week.

Bitcoin has had a difficult time pushing upwards in the last 24hrs. After the crypto currency’s critical $20K level was lost, this is what happened. BTC has been falling to $19K, with an increase in bearishness.

XRP Takes The Lead Among Altcoins - Will It Drop Before It Can Rally?
Tradingview.com shows a 1% drop in XRP

This Week: XRP Wins

For most crypto assets, the weekend was not favorable. From Saturday to Sunday, the market witnessed low trading volumes. The market has been quiet, and most altcoins are showing minor fluctuations in value.

XRP was the clear winner, with an 18% gain over the last week. Its performance ranks as one of the top large-cap altcoins. Its price has surged to 0.5, which is the desired mark.

Ethereum, the second-largest crypto asset after Bitcoin, fell in early trading hours. The price for Ethereum is currently hovering around $1,300. The same holds true for altcoins, such as Solana (SOL), Polygon(MATIC), or Polkadot [DOT]).

Cardano and Shiba Inu as well as BNB and Dogecoin showed a significant drop of 2.5% on a daily basis. QNT, the yesterday’s best performer, also fell.

Bitcoin is now available in the $19K-region

Bitcoin recently has experienced a mixed story in terms of its performance. The price of the primary cryptocurrency is hovering in the $19K range, with doubts about whether it will get more support. The US Job Report released recently had a negative effect on Bitcoin. It lost nearly $1,000 after the release.

BTC’s three-week peak of $20,000.500 was reached last week. It slowly started to move south, reaching $20,000. After a few days, the largest crypto asset in the world stalled in this region before moving again south. BTC traded at approximately $19 238, reflecting an increase in trading volume over the 24 hours.

Featured Image from Pixabay. Charts by TradingView.com

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