XinFin XDC Network has Successfully Launched a Futuristic Andromeda Upgrade

XinFin, which has millions of connected users around the globe, is one of the most popular network. This is the first major upgrade to the native network. XDC token is the most popular cryptocurrency in the market. XinFin XDC Network has enjoyed such popularity on the market that it was officially released 2nd December 2021. Block number 3838383838 was the block that saw the XDC network launch its delegated XDPoS protocol. Thanks to community members, the network updated to the latest version.

This update has been marked “Andromeda”, named after the Galaxy by the community. This upgrade brings unique benefits to both the network and its users. In addition, the activation of this  incompatible protocol requests the users to agree for the Andromeda update to be a part of the XinFin XDC network.

It is clear that there are not many bright, energetic minds who will support the special network upgrade. The upgrade is the result of years of study & development by protocol scientists & Ph.D. professors. Pramod Viswanath and Gerui Wang, Fisher Yu, Jerome Wang.

Andromeda Update is planned to be introduced in order to expand and develop the XDC network on the global market. Thus, let us revise all of its innovative features added to XinFin XDC Network’s Mainnet.

The special benefit of the Andromeda update is, it will support the move of Ethereum’s EVM -compatible projects to XinFin network. XinFin’s developers will now be able to access the code of any EVM chain without having to perform any transformations. This network has a nearly zero cost gas fee and consumes 99% less energy than PoW networks.

It is also important to note that because the upgrade uses the BFT consensus protocol which is an advanced BFT consensus protocol it provides the XDC network military-grade security. The fully-backward compatible feature of APIs ensures that the network’s active performance is low on resources. This is a major advantage for the XDC network as it looks to its future.

Moreover, this important  Eth_chainId feature guards the system with 100% security protecting the repetitive transaction processes. Notable function: The military-grade security comes with forensic monitoring, which detects and removes any bad nodes. This allows master node owners to enjoy greater benefits and these nodes can join the Mainnet network of XDC Network.

Many projects have started to place with XinFin XDC Network. It gains a competitive advantage over the Ethereum network through the XDC Network. Two DEXes for XDC Network will soon be available, listing all XRC20 Tokens. According to the Block Explorer, the XinFin Network currently holds more than 500 contracts and over 1,000,000 active wallets.

XinFin XDC will provide support for the extension of the public ledger starting with the XDPoS1.0. With the addition of APIs to default browsers exchanges and wallets can be made fully backward-compatible networks. As an additional benefit, the transaction fees will be transferred to the owner’s address instead of the coinbase or miner’s address.

The Andromeda upgrade has increased transparency, increasing trust and safety both for the token and network. It creates a buzz to select XDC for a long-term asset, grabbing all investors. The price fluctuation of crypto markets is not predictable. XDC Network will now be able to compete with Ethereum through this major update. This allows it to overcome all the challenges that face the industry.

XDC is the cryptocurrency that powers the xinfin exchange trading at $ 0.9 on various exchanges, such as kucoin or

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