XDC Network Takes Center Stage Amid Solana Network Crash

  • Solana’s (SOL) network crashed for the sixth time.
  • Smart Contract Developers now look at alternative blockchain networks LUNA and BSC Networks.

To provide the best possible blockchain experience for all users, the crypto community continues to improve its technology. Unexpected circumstances may cause unexpected problems. Solana, (SOL), experienced its sixth network failure. The crypto community is now wondering if SOL will be as religious as EOS.

Mark Jeffrey, a crypto enthusiast and author, reacted to the Solna Network Crash in a tweet.

Many Smart Contract Developers and the cryptocurrency community were upset by recent SOL network crashes. Due to these recent crashes, many smart contract developers and the crypto community are now looking for alternative platforms (Ethereum killers) that can provide them the expectations they require in daily crypto transactions. BSC and XDC are some of these.

These issues occurred with blockchain networks and caused a lot of upset among crypto community members. Investors have begun to look at other Blockchain networks to meet their expectations for daily crypto transactions. Global investors have been paying close attention to XDC Network chain (XDC Network), which has only XDC Network in green and the rest in RED. (Source: coinmarketcap.com Top100 Coins). It is clear that the XDC Network has attracted attention from not just smart contract developers, but also crypto enthusiasts.

The XDC protocol was designed to allow smart contracts to be supported in a seamless manner. The XDC Network has seen over 3,800 smart contract creations. This is the graph of the growth over time as referred to in the article from XDC Foundation.


The XDC Chain, XinFin Digital Contract, uses XinFin delegated proof of stake (XDPoS). This creates a high-scalable, reliable, and commercial-grade, blockchain network. Indeed, XDC enables various real-world use cases like remittance (WadzPay), trade finance (TradeTeq),  ISO20022 messaging standard (IMPEL),  decentralized Storage (Storx), Data ORACLE (Pugin), Decentralized email (LedgerMail), R3 Corda’s only Public blockchain Bridge (LAB577) DEX (xSWAP and globiance), Stable coin (usnota, SGDG, EURG, HKDG, GBPG, USDG etc), NFT MarketPlace (XDSea) and many more use cases adopted XDC Blockchain Network.

However, SOL’s system crash isn’t the first to occur in outer space. This kind of situation isn’t new to the crypto world. Today, however, crypto is seeing the rise in projects like XDC, which offer a seamless network of blockchains. Users have the option to select the best crypto network to suit their needs.

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