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The world’s largest producer of application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) bitcoin miners, Bitmain Technologies, has revealed the company is offering a discount on Antminer S19 Pro mining rigs. For $19/terahash, or $1900 per unit, the 100-terahash per minute (TH/s), machine sells for $19/terahash. Antminer mining equipment is now 80% less than it was five months earlier, on March 28th.

Bitmain Lowers S19 Professional Prices to $19 per Terahash

Amid the crypto winter and the crypto economy’s market capitalization hovering around $927.21 billion, Bitmain Technologies has decided to sell its Antminer S19 Pro mining rigs at a discount. Bitmain Technologies has decided to sell its Antminer S19 Pro mining rigs at a discount. The price of bitcoin (BTC), is now trading below $20K per unit. The cryptocurrency network’s mining difficulty is at an all-time high and the network’s hashrate is coasting along today at 223.73 exahash per second (EH/s).

“Bitmain is offering an Antiminer S19 Pro special discount for only $19/T,” Bitmain tweetedOn Tuesday. “For bulk orders, please contact [a]Contact Bitmain’s sales rep directly. Customers who have already purchased S19 Pro will be eligible for coupons,” the company added.

Bitmain’s 100 TH/s Technology Is 80% Cheaper Than 5 Months Ago, Crypto Winter Highlights ASIC Purchases at a ‘Discounted Price’

Bitmain’s sale is a lot cheaper than the Antiminer S19 Pro’s original prices. An Antiminer S19jPro having 104 TH/s could be purchased for $9,984 each unit on March 29th 2022. The 100 TH/s S19, which produces a slightly smaller hashrate than the S19j Pro, is 80.96% cheaper — at $1,900 per unit — than S19 prices five months ago. Lower prices may be contributing to the massive expansion from a number of operations and Bitcoin’s sky-high hashrate in recent times.

World’s Largest ASIC Producer Bitmain Slashes Antminer Bitcoin Mining Rig Prices
Prices for Bitmain Antminer Pro as of September 21st, 2022

This week, the Nasdaq-listed and Gwyneth Paltrow-backed Terawulf (Nasdaq: WULF) revealed its Lake Mariner mining data center now has 12,000 Mining Rigs operating at the facility and a great deal of Terawulf’s rigs are Antminer S19s. Cleanspark Inc. (Nasdaq: CLSK) has also detailed that the crypto winter has brought “unprecedented opportunities” after it acquired 1,061 ASIC mining rigs at a “discounted price.”

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