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PRICE RELEASE Zug, Switzerland, 5. Jan 2022A diploma from any university was the best way to show that you have specific skills and abilities for your job. But, it is not enough to prove that one can perform at a job. The ability to assess and improve skills is increasing with the advent of online courses and assessments based on scientific research. Both employers and employees will benefit from this innovation. Employers will be able to hire more accurately based on their job requirements in a transparent manner. Employers also benefit because it allows them to search for the right job that matches their preferences and skill set. If personal characteristics like age, gender, and cultural background are not taken into consideration, everyone has a fair shot at getting a job interview.

Unlocking your digital skills passport

Although assessments & development courses are a great innovation, it also introduces a new problem; several skill measurements and course certificates floating around in different online applications. People can easily import all credentials to their personal wallet, which they will be able to use throughout their career. Work X is using Self-Sovereign Identity and personal NFT’s that you can earn and use on the Internet of Jobs to prove you are the best candidate for the job! This data is yours alone. You can share it with anyone you wish.

Tokenizing your skills & achievements

Work X identifies your work credentials, such as certificates online, references and peer reviews, or assessments results, as well as any personal achievements. The personal achievements you have made are tied to your digital identity via Self-Sovereign Identity. It acts as an anchor for cyberspace and your token. The data about your employment performance is not lost. Instead, it’s stored in your wallet for easy access to match you with new employers. This applies to both full-time employees, who often give their personal data to their employer. It also applies to freelancers who generate star ratings and reviews via gig platforms such Amazon Mechanical Turk or UpWork.

The personal NFT’s that are generated on Work X can be ‘booked’ instead of bought by employers who need a particular skill(set) for a job. People can showcase important aspects of themselves in many situations and offer their personal NFT’s for a wide variety of jobs on the Work X platform. You can offer your expertise to write articles, code smart contracts or create art in a click. PleaseYou can choose which areas specific audiences want to view and increase the relevance of your experience. The Work X platform facilitates everything that is needed to enable collaboration (e.g., payrolling, reviews, matching, curation & communication).

To make sure that the personal NFT’s can be used everywhere, users are not tied to the Work X platform to prove the authenticity of their skills. Work X will function as an open platform where people can use their NFT’s to directly match with jobs.

“Daniel de Witte, CTO & Co-founder of Work X, describes that by introducing a generic standard, other projects can also leverage this technology to free their users from often contained silos. Because Work X will also offer immersive collaboration within metaverse playgrounds, this generic standard enables true metaverse travel, not only with tradable NFT’s but also with something much more personal; your identity. Being able to showcase and switch between different sets of applicable achievements, skills, or experience, for different situations, people can quickly adjust themselves to whatever metaverse-world they want to travel.”

Work X recently raised $1.8 million and will soon launch its next private sale. Register for the whitelist and learn more about this project by visiting:






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