changes Play-to-Earn to Play-to-Win will be the best play-to earn gaming platform for Web3. The Win SDK is a ready-to-use solution for developers worldwide that allows them to make their mobile games support crypto rewards and NFTs. It also offers new game modes such as PvP, which transforms any game into an online multiplayer game.

Play-to-earn revolutionized with the Win SDK

Win SDK was designed with one purpose: remove any hassles associated with monetization so creators can focus on their goals when developing the best skill-based games.

This package includes all of the essential features that make play-to earn possible:

  • A complete blockchain-powered crypto payments solution that uses non-custodial wallets and Win’s proprietary $FTW token as in-game currency;
  • NFT-based leveling system, with stake rewards and unlimited gaming opportunities.
  • Complex match-making algorithm and player rating algorithm allows for PVP gameplay. Players are always matched with people of the same skill level to ensure a fair and enjoyable experience.
  • All critical data can be tracked with real-time analytics
  • 24/7 player support – players will always have access to a dedicated support team that can handle any issue; believes developers should be able to concentrate on creativity and innovation rather than worrying about monetization.

The Win Realm – real Heroes are made, not born

A component of Win Ecosystem, the Win Realm lets you showcase the Win SDK’s potential. This component uses Heroes as player-owned characters and has a wonderful journey that captures the adventures three ancient tribes.

These Heroes are directly affected by every action taken by a player. In the Win Realm, one doesn’t simply level up; they get mightier. A Hero’s power increases with the number of opportunities available to him. These include accessing special tournaments, increased stake rewards and unique NFT collectibles.

You can find more information about Win Ecosystem on the Win Blog. uses the blockchain to power a play-to earn mobile gaming platform.

This platform allows users to engage in skill-based gaming and compete with each other. With its Win SDK it makes it easy for mobile game developers to easily integrate P2E into skill-based games using just 2 lines of code.

Win’s core belief is that blockchain technology can change the world, and as such, it’s working tirelessly to be the driver of this change. The team is redefining play-to earn by rebuilding P2E’s gaming infrastructure.

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