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The last week saw non-fungible token sales volumes rise 1.9% over the previous week. In seven days, NFT sales reached $85 million. The NFT buyer count fell 12.63% while the NFT transaction volume is at 19.19%.

NFT sales record a slight increase, number of NFT transactions slides 19% lower

NFT sales have fallen a lot in recent months, but they saw an increase of 1.9% this week, with $85,068,480 worth of sales according to cryptoslam.io. Sorare was the collection that sold the most NFTs, with $8.5million in sales.

Bored Ape Yacht Club was in second place in terms of 7-day sales with $6.69 million. Besides Sorare and BAYC, Gods Unchained, Azuki, and Cryptopunks hold positions in this week’s top five-selling NFT collections.

While Overall NFT Transactions and Buyers Are Down, NFT Sales Jumped 2% Higher Than Last Week
The last seven days saw a recorded $85,068,480 in NFT sales, which is up 1.9% higher than last week’s NFT sales.

Out of the 17 listed blockchains on cryptoslam.io, Ethereum has the highest sales. From the $85 million total in NFT transactions this week, $64.48 Million was recorded by Ethereum (ETH). ETH-based NFT sales increased this week by 10.7% higher than last week’s ETH-based NFT sales.

While Overall NFT Transactions and Buyers Are Down, NFT Sales Jumped 2% Higher Than Last Week
According to the cryptoslam.io metrics, these are the top five NFT sales in October 2022.

Solana (ETH), Immutable X (Flow), BNB and Ronin are in the top five for NFT sales per block. Immutable X NFT sale increased 79.88% compared to the week before, and Solana NFT sold 29.13% less than last week.

The most expensive NFT sale this past week was Digidaigaku #1632 – Ifrit, which sold for $262K four days ago, and the second most expensive NFT sales was V1 PUNK #6915, which sold for $236K. Azuki #1582, Bored Ape #33429 and Bored Ape #477 followed V1 PUNK #6915.

Nftpricefloor.com statistics show that today’s most costly floor value is the BAYC collection, followed closely by the Cryptopunks collections. Mutant Ape Yacht Club, The Sandbox and Autoglyphs follow Cryptopunks and BAYC. Today’s most economical BAYC price is 71.69 ETC or $93,986.

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