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Bitcoin has been in operation for 512 days. So far more than 755,000 Bitcoin blocks have been mined. Antpool and Foundry USA were top-miners last year as they collectively mined 18,229 out of 53,510 blocks. Although Foundry USA is currently the largest pool, all statistics indicate that Antpool is 15th in size and has found only 1.55% of the 755,000 blocks.

A Majority of Bitcoin Blocks were Discovered by Unknown Hashrates in the last 13 years

In the last three days 11 known mining pools dedicated hashrate for the Bitcoin (BTC). Additionally, over the past 12 months, 27 mining pools known to have mined BTC. The all-time statistics also indicate that roughly 98 pool(s) have mined BTC the past thirteen years.

Foundry USA has been and remains the world’s leader in hashrate this year. Foundry found 10,044 blocks out of 53.510 BTC blocks. Antpool was able to collect 8,185 BTC block, while F2pool and Binance Pool were next. Viabtc and Poolin are the top two pools.

12 month Bitcoin hashrate distribution statistics, January 3, 2009 to September 23 2022

Unknown hashrate (also known as stealth mining) only managed to grab 1.78% block during the previous year. Because of the prominence of known mining pool in Bitcoin, Unknown hashrate was able to capture 954 blocks within 12 months.

Yet, that hasn’t always been the case, and stealth miners including Satoshi Nakamoto, are still the ultimate winners of the most BTC blocks found in history. The data shows that 29.90% has been captured by unknown hashrate out of 755,432 blocks proven to have been mined in the last thirteen years.

Statistics on the distribution of Bitcoin hashrate from January 3, 2009 through September 23, 2022.

Although unknown hashrate may not be as well-known these days stealth miners managed to locate 225,864 blocks in the network’s first year. F2pool was third in terms of pool size this year but is now the second-largest pool ever.

F2pool is the only pool that has been able to control 9.73% global hashrate over a period of more than 10 years. It has also found 73.477 BTC block. Antpool has 65,999 blocks to its credit and is currently the third most popular pool.

Btc.com seized 39,022 blocks, while Braiins Pool, formerly called Slush Pool, found 38,376 blocks. The now-defunct ​​BTC Guild is still the sixth largest mining pool in terms of blocks found during the past 13 years.

Today’s top miner, Foundry USA, is in the 15th position in terms of all-time statistics and it’s only found 1.55% of the blocks mined to date. 12 pools each have discovered less than 50 blocks while 4 mining pools only found 30.

All-time statistics on bitcoin mining distribution show that the bitcoin mining pool 175btc found 22 of the lowest number of blocks. After 13 years, in September 2022, Bitcoin’s global hashrate and mining difficulty reached all-time highs.

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