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PRICE RELEASE “Creating a neobanking super-app for crypto and digital assets has been blockbank’s ultimate vision since its inception. Throughout this past year, we have listened to our growing user base, acquired global licenses, and built one of the most technologically advanced pieces of software in this space,” said Anastasija Plotnikova, the CEO of blockbank.

Blockbank can be found on the AppleAnd Google PlayThe end-user has access to everything banking, cryptocurrency, and digital finance. Multiple back-ends can be combined with one front-end to create a user-centric experience that allows each user to choose the way they wish to interact with the app and their personal finances.

It aims to offer its users a wide range of choices. First, where they are fully KYC’d, and the assets are custodied within the application, users can stake, earn, and trade. Users can also participate in DeFi while maintaining their assets. A third benefit is that they can access a bank number which allows them to send and receive traditional money. By the end of this year, a fourth component will be enabled – a working global crypto credit card allowing users to spend or withdraw cash from any ATM globally.

Blockbank has been announced recently as the winner of an European Fintech Award Hackcelerator Accelpoint The invited him to join them. Monetary Authority of SingaporeTo participate in Singapore Fintech Festival (November 2-4). It’s important to note that in the European Fintech Hackcelerator, blockbank was the only Female-led company.

“The digital landscape is fragmented and complex, confronting investors and users with risk, security, and navigational challenges. Our goal was to create an easy and simple platform that users could use for all financial services, no matter what vertical. We can now proudly say we have accomplished our goal.” said Kelghe DcruzBlockbank’s Co-Founder,

Managing your finances, whether it be traditional or digital, shouldn’t be difficult, risky, or expensive. While traditional finance considers digital asset holders and users “high risk” and makes little to no effort to serve them compliantly and fairly, blockbank’s mission is to create an environment from the ground up to accommodate retail and institutional users with their desired needs.

“With our latest release, we are hitting a major technological milestone. Blockbank users love the fastest features, so we have made speed improvements. We are also updating the Fireblocks security level. I’m sure our users will love it just as much as we loved developing it.” — Dmitrij Radin, Chief Technology Officer at blockbank.

It AvalancheNetwork is now accessible

AVAX users can access thousands of tokens via the AVAX blockchain. This allows users to participate in DeFi/Cefi services directly within the app.

Transactions are faster and cost less

The launch of Blockbank, the team has continued to work on speed, stability, and improvements so users won’t need to compromise speed and stability for the sake of low fees.

Software improvements allowed for a significant increase in transaction speed. Customers can make deposits and withdraws faster, as well as perform transactions. This next version introduces improved calculations of transit fees & swaps for all current and future protocols.

Neo Banking transactions will now happen faster and more efficiently, with the ability to deposit funds to users’ blockbank wallet using their card. Users will soon be able to add EUR, GBP and USD directly to their cards.

Security and convenience are the most important factors

Blockbank formed a partnership FireblocksThe leading provider of blockchain custody services for digital asset storage, moving and security, is. Fireblocks provides digital asset custody and transfer as well as settlement platforms.

Now users can access the decentralized finance services faster and easier. Accessing the central area of the application takes less than 3 minutes.

Unstoppable domains integration

Inexpensive DomainsBlockbank is the leader in decentralized domains. blockbank’s users are able to purchase their decentralized domains without leaving the application.

The purchased domain will replace a long, complicated wallet address with a single, easy-to-read domain of the buyer’s choice.

Accessibility to digital assets: A brand new definition

We are happy to share with you that V3 will enable blockbank to now onboard North American clients.

“Being involved from the beginning and as the first investor in the project, I am beyond excited to see blockbank’s progress. I see such potential here to solve real-world problems – roadblocks that the other founders at blockbank and I have encountered with banks and traditional finance. It has been a long, arduous road, but we have now built the foundation to help our users mitigate these problems.” – Darren Franceschini, Co-Founder of blockbank.

Blockbank’s resilience and innovation are fueled by the community, which continues to be the engine behind future applications. With the relentless support of the community, blockbank is on its way to becoming a true CeFi, DeFi & neobanking powerhouse, eliminating the complexity of digital asset management and unlocking a world of opportunity for its users.

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