What’s In Store For MicroStrategy Going Forward? CEO Michael Saylor Reveals

MicroStrategy’s bitcoin holdings have been growing steadily over the last year, making it the biggest public company holdings of bitcoin in the entire world. The firm currently has over 124K BTC in its balance sheet. This is worth more than $5 billion and still leaves it with a profit, despite recent declines. It is easy to imagine what the company will do with this digital asset, given its large hold.

Bitcoin is Unstoppable

Michael Saylor, MicroStrategy CEO was at CNBCTo discuss the future for the firm that had established itself as a leader in bitcoin buying, Saylor spoke. Saylor is an advocate of digital assets and a BTC maximalist. He spoke out about how the company planned to move forward with its bitcoin investments.

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The CEO starts out by explaining that he remains a strong supporter of bitcoin, which he refers to as “compelling and unstoppable.” This has previously been highlighted at various times by Saylor with his public support for the digital asset. The CEO repeatedly stated that bitcoin was the solution to serious problems such as inflation, and that it is his most important digital asset.

Saylor says that regulation is a topic that will benefit the digital asset. “The regulatory clarity is going to accelerate institutional adoption of bitcoin and you’re going to see large flows of capital enter the asset class as this continues,” the CEO said.

Bitcoin price chart from TradingView.com

BTC Trending at $43K | Source: BTCUSD on TradingView.com

MicroStrategy has plans for the future

As for MicroStrategy’s plan for the future, the CEO explained that the company will continue to operate as it always has. This company, which is a supplier of enterprise software, has proven to be very successful. Its bitcoin strategy has led to an increase in profits and its stock value is up by four factors, Saylor reports.

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“Look, our long term strategy is kind of like Harvard University. We’re running a university but we have an endowment. MicroStrategy sells enterprise software. We generate $100 million in cash flow a year – in a good year – and we are reinvesting that cash in our endowment. Our endowment is 100% bitcoin.”

Saylor also stated that MicroStrategy intends to purchase and keep bitcoin for its balance sheet. The company’s enterprise software will be sold worldwide.

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