What Went On In The Secret Meetings Between Cardano Developer IOHK And Zanzibar Officials?

Cardano Africa had been running for several weeks and was finally ending after Hoskinson returned to America. Charles Hoskinson, founder of Cardano Africa had first announced the tour following the launch of smart contracts on the blockchain. The tour began last month.

Hoskinson will meet with the Cardano Foundation to communicate and collaborate with Cardano developers and other officials from various countries in order to accelerate blockchain adoption across the continent.

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Judging by Hoskinson’s Twitter feed, the tour has been going as planned as he has met with a number of project leads and officials in various countries so far. The secret meetings are still a mystery. Cardano developer IOHK had met with Zanzibar official but the meetings were kept confidential from the general public. Here’s what we know.

Zanzibar: Mapping the Future

Cardano Africa was founded on the idea of interconnecting Africa. Once Hoskinson arrived in Zanzibar the foundation took off. The tour’s second leg was dominated by talks about technology advancement.

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Charles Hoskinson personally visited solar panel modules and telecom station installation in the country. It was done in order to encourage social progress and support businesses.

At a World Mobile Team meeting, officials of IOHK (Zanzibaria) had discussed the possibility of creating a better connected future for their citizens. On November 8, the Zanzibararian government and IOHK met to discuss how they could align values for the future. They both pointed out that empowerment efforts by officials in order to grant fishermen their boats were the type of work the developer was most interested in.

Cardano Pushing Growth In Africa

Cardano Africa’s tour is one more in a series of initiatives the developer has undertaken to encourage innovation across Africa. Cardano Africa has been viewed as a hub for blockchain adoption by crypto enthusiasts. Cardano is committed to supporting the development of the region. Cardano-based projects are particularly growing.

The foundation spent many millions of dollars to support African projects. Hoskinson was able to make strides in order for Cardano, a pioneer of blockchain development in African nations.

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Cardano Foundation is a financial and educational support provider for African startups. Additionally, an agreement was made with Ethiopian officials to provide digital IDs for students from the region that could be used on Cardano’s blockchain to track their academic progress. The idea is that if students’ performances can be tracked, then the quality of education can be improved based on the needs of the students.

Hoskinson and Cardano will be expanding their operations in Africa over the next years, praising the African continent for its potential to develop blockchain technology.

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