What Makes CoinEx Stand Out? Founder & CEO, Haipo Yang Answers Users’ Questions

Q:CoinEx has experienced many changes in its past. FourHow difficult was it to overcome? It was a difficult challenge. How did it get solved?

Haipo Yang:The most difficult challenge was feeling lost. Many questions remained unanswered, such as: How should exchange be conducted? This is what we need to do. Are the prospects for crypto-related businesses bright? My personal feelings were lost. But the collective feeling of my team members was more positive. This will likely be true for many other start-up teams. We pulled it off, thankfully.

Faith is the key to overcoming such challenges. Believe that blockchain can change the world. We need to believe we could make a good direction for growth. The team and market will prosper. I’ve also kept improving myself in different ways to study CoinEx’s strategic goals and identify the right path while sharing my thoughts with the team.

Q: We all know that you want CoinEx to become a major exchange. Your view of what it takes to accomplish this goal.

Haipo Yang:My goal is for CoinEx to grow and become a top-tier exchange. This goal can only be achieved if we have a solid, international team. CoinEx needs to provide easy-to-use, secure, simple and reliable products in order to satisfy the crypto trading demand among investors. However, CoinEx needs a worldwide team to help promote the product in various markets. This will ensure that CoinEx is available in more countries.

Q: Most investors today are focused on immediate profit and neglect their long-term interest. Is there anything you can suggest for these investors? These investors should choose to buy and keep these tokens for the long-term.

Haipo Yang: The field of investment is highly skilled. Everyone knows that swimming is a skill you must master before entering the pool. However, the majority of people who enter the investment market have never had any training. In my years of investment it became clear that short-term trading is fraught with failure, even if they are highly leveraged. Very few investors succeed in this game. A higher success rate is promised for long-term investments. This does not mean that buying a property is easy. It is important to be informed about the progress of any target projects. Importantly, it is important to be open-minded about new developments and concepts. We should also adjust our portfolios in order to capture crypto trends.

Q: CoinEx is only possible if there are experienced people behind its great features. Would you be willing to share information about the background of your team?

Haipo Yang: The crypto industry has provided us with rich experience. My early career was as a software engineer for Internet giants such as Tencent. In 2014, I entered the blockchain industry. My involvement included the creation of mining machines and mining pools as well as cloud hashrate services, wallets, exchanges, public chains, and wallets. Security and my background are top priorities to me. CoinEx never experienced a major security breach. My company was founded in 2016. My company was founded in 2016. Most of my staff were recruited by and trained personally. This team has seen rapid growth over the past years. Right now, CoinEx is powered by a team of more than 200 employees across the globe, over 60% of whom focus on products and R&D.

Q: CET will offer greater support to games after the release of several games that allow cryptos.

Haipo Yang: Because games and blockchain are a great combination, I believe in GameFi’s potential. CoinEx Smart Chain, which adopted CET last year as its own token, was built. We launched support and investment programs totaling $50 million to expand the CSC community. Our focus was on GameFi and DeFi. CET is expected to grow in value as the CSC eco-system continues to evolve.

Q: CoinEx is different from other exchanges.

Haipo Yang: When asked to sum up CoinEx, I would say secure, simple to use, reliable and global. Security is CoinEx’s top priority. It represents the greatest threat to the cryptocurrency world. Our number one priority has been to protect your assets. CoinEx strives to provide products that make it easy for users to trade crypto. We aim to offer improved user experiences and meet users’ needs for crypto trades across the board. CoinEx also conducts thorough reviews of all assets listed on the platform to make sure they meet our listing criteria and provide users with reliable options. We have continued to localize products to ensure that our products are accessible worldwide in an increasingly globalized market for blockchain.

Q: Is it possible to make a CoinEx wallet, where you can take/hold CET? If so, how long do you intend to keep the coins in that wallet?

Haipo Yang: We recommend ViaWallet. It is an open-source decentralized wallet that allows you to store CET and other cryptos. This allows you to control multiple assets in your wallet from one application. ViaWallet lets you store CET, and then stake CET for even more benefits. You can tap into CSC-related projects. CET will become more widely available as the CSC ecosystem develops.

Q: As a CET holder, I’d like to find out more about CoinEx’s launchpad.

Haipo Yang: Launchpads are a crucial product for any exchange. We are cautious because investing involves high risks. This is why we’ve done so much preparation to ensure the quality of projects that we launch. Launchpad will be available soon, I am confident.

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