Wafini, A Cardano DAO Powered NFT Marketplace Closes $200,000 Private Round, Opens Seed Round Whitelist.

Wafini Governance token $WFI, which will be used to power Wafini, allows Wafini holders to take part in Wafini’s growth and development.

Wafini has just revealed that it closed $200,000 in pre-seed rounds in July.

Muhammad Ahmad,Wafini’s project manager commented on the developments, stating that funds raised will be used for expansion of team and partnerships as well as further development of Wafini NFT Marketplace.

Wafini plans to hold a public seed round of it’s utility token $WFI, with 15 million out of 100 million tokens up for grabs for early adopters at 0.02 ADA a piece.

You can whitelist early bird seeds here.

Wafini is what?

Wafini is a DAO powered NFT Marketplace where users can trade Non-Fungible Tokens & NFT collectibles, users also will be able to mint, list, sell and swap their Non fungible tokens in a simple and easy to use interactive interface.

Wafini NFT Marketplace, powered by smart contract on Cardano Blockchain is on track to be the first DAO-owned NFT Marketplace.

Wafini was created to allow community sustainability without any external influences or control.

Wafini DAO Ecosystem is a community that will enable $WFI tokenholders to tap the potential of NFT markets. This will be Cardano’s first NFT Marketplace and will provide $WFI Token owners a mirror of trading commissions.

It will encourage fair, decentralized ownership for sustainable Wafini ecosystem.

$WFI Token

Cardano Native token, the $WFI acts as the utility token and governance token of Wafini NFT Marketplace. There will only be 100,000,000 $WFI Tokens.

Customers can earn rewards for staking their $WFI Tokens. They can also increase their rewards through the Wafini Genesis Passport NAFTs.

The Genesis NFTs is termed the passport NFT because it gives it’s holders a place in the Wafini NFT Marketplace DAOboard.

$WFI Token Sale

The public sale of Wafini tokens will follow the two Wafini token sales as an early bird. Seed sale allocations are allocated 15% of the total supply. This could allow token buyers to access 0.02 ADA for each token.

The Wafini Token Seed round is set to launch on the 1st of October, whitelist  is already open for early birds who want to get hold of $WFI tokens before everyone else through this link.

Following the Seed Sale there will be a pre-sale of tokens with a total of 10,000,000, and then a public offering of tokens with a maximum of 20,000,000.

Interested participants can read a detailed guide on how to buy $WFI Tokens on the link from the Wafini’s documentation page.

Following the Vasil Hart Fork, incentivized public launches of Wafini are scheduled.

Wafini Whitelist for Seed Sales

Whitelisting continues for the $WFI seed sale. Nearly 100 participants have been whitelisted.

To be eligible for a spot on the whitelist, each participant must have at least 500 ADA in their Cardano compatible card wallet.

Whitelisting is limited to 1000 participants. Only whitelisted wallets are allowed to participate in the Seed Sale.

This team is committed to providing innovative solutions that take NFT to the next level.


Wafini is a Web 3.0 community driven decentralized NFT Marketplace for Non-Fungible Tokens & NFT collectibles where users will be able to mint, list, sell and swap their Non fungible tokens utilizing the Cardano Blockchain.



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