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The value of decentralized finance protocols (defi), across many blockchains, increased to $239.44 Billion on Saturday January 15, 2022. This is an increase from the $233.95Billion it was January 8th, and now stands at $239.44 Billion. Curve’s total value locked (TVL) dominance today is 9.76% with its $23.38 billion TVL. Meanwhile, native assets for the top nine smart contract platforms have seen seven-day gains improving from the week prior’s price slump.

This Week, 2.3% Increase in Defi TVL

Today’s top smart contract platform tokens are up in value against the U.S. dollar according to weekly statistics. According to weekly statistics, the top three tokens were ethereum, BNB, and solana, which soared 5.1%, 11.4% and 8.7% respectively.

Value Locked in Defi Jumps 2.3% in 7 Days, Ethereum NFT Sales Dominate, Fantom TVL Jumps 26%
The top ten smart contracts platforms according to market valuation as of January 15, 2022.

The top nine gainers were near (NEAR), who increased 31.3% this week, while terra (LUNA), rose 23.5%. Polygon (MATIC), which saw a 15.5% increase, and polkadot(DOT) gaining 10.3% in comparison to the U.S. dollars.

Today’s TVL is 2.3% higher than January 8, which was when the TVL was 233.95 trillion. Today, there’s $239.44 billion and $146.54 billion is held on the Ethereum blockchain. Ethereum’s defi dominance, in terms of TVL, is 62.63% of the total value locked in decentralized finance on Saturday.

Value Locked in Defi Jumps 2.3% in 7 Days, Ethereum NFT Sales Dominate, Fantom TVL Jumps 26%
On January 15, 2022, the total amount of decentralized finance was locked at $15,000,000.

The second-largest TVL belongs to Terra as the network commands $19.01 billion, but that’s only 8.12% of the aggregate TVL in defi. While Terra’s TVL in defi jumped 22.03% this week, it is followed by Binance Smart Chain (BSC) with $15.21 billion.

Meanwhile, Fantom’s TVL jumped higher than Terra’s this past week increasing 26.33% to $7.12 billion. Osmosis’ (OSMO), which saw a 18.60% increase, reached a $1.36 Billion TVL through its defi protocols.

Several defi chains, except Ethereum, BSC and HECO, saw TVL increases in this week’s TVL. Terra, Avalanche and Solana were among the defi chains to see TVL increases.

Cross-Chain Bridge TVL increases 4.6% and Ethereum NFT sales dominate in the first 30 days

Ethereum leads the pack in terms of sales of non-fungible tokens (NFT) across the many blockchain networks. Ethereum’s NFT sales are followed by NFT sales on networks like Solana, Ronin, Flow, and Wax.

Value Locked in Defi Jumps 2.3% in 7 Days, Ethereum NFT Sales Dominate, Fantom TVL Jumps 26%
Volumes of NFT Sales by Blockchain on January 15, 2022

Ethereum’s NFT sales saw a 51.29% increase during the last 24 hours while Tezos NFT sales jumped by 33.16% during the last day. Moreover, the Looksrare NFT marketplace is still seeing a lot more daily volume than Opensea’s 24-hour NFT volume.

During the last day, Looksrare’s volume was $504.37 million while Opensea’s recorded 24-hour volume was $166.09 million. On Saturday, the total value locked in cross-chain bridges was $25.03 trillion. This is an increase of 4.6% over 30 days.

Polygon ($6.3B), Avalanche $5.5B, Ronin ($4.9B), Arbitrum (3.2B), Fantom ($1.9B) were the five biggest TVLs on cross-chain Bridges.

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