Unleashing DeFi Potential In Security & Functionality

Anyone who has ever had to borrow money knows how frustrating and lengthy the process can be. In today’s financial market, banks have complete control of loans and the people who get them.

ADALend intends to change that. This platform uses smart contracts and decentralization to enable decentralized crypto lending.

Liquidity Pools – Share Token Operations

Participation in the lending operation is free. Anyone can make a deposit and get the appropriate APY value in tokens. The platform will include liquidity provision, which works with external and internal oracles in order to determine the dynamic rates of liquidity pools.

Redeem is the conversion of share tokens to their underlying counterparts. This procedure involves the conversion of share tokens into their underlying counterparts. The underlying token is then returned to the user and completes the transaction. As the share token’s value increases, so does the underlying value.

Repayment is the process of paying off borrowed money and any accrued interest. The repayment amount will be calculated if the repayable amount exceeds the borrow amount. The repayment amount that is less than the amount due is referred to as a loan amount.

Multiple-Layed Security for Liquidity Pools

ADALend’s key priority is the health and security of the protocol. Platform will have both internal and external Oracles that maintain price-checks for multiple layers. Protocol architecture, code quality, health monitors, as well as active liquidation bots, and insurance all contribute to the project’s overall security and safety.

It will also be constantly updated with new features and plans to upgrade the platform.

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