Underdog Coins To Eye In 2022

Below are some coins you might not have heard of, but could still be worth a look next year. The DeFi and NFT market are the main focus this year. There are several noteworthy projects in these areas expected to gain traction in 2022, so it’s worth following them. It is possible to expect many more projects on the scene that will shake things up.

These are the coins you should be paying attention to in 2022.

Solana (SOL)

Solana, one of 2021’s most popular altcoins that has gone silent but is expected to continue its steady growth through 2022, was one of the weakest. This network uses a proof of history (PoH) consensus method that allows it to be much more energy efficient than other alternatives. Many blockchains use a sequential process of producing blocks, which requires confirmation from all the participants. But PoH lets validators compute the status of the network right from the ledger. Solana can run on its internal clock, and it is capable of processing more than 50,000 transactions every second.

This coin, which was not widely known until recently, has experienced an incredible rise in its value over the last few months. The Solana network is home to several prominent dApps in gaming, ecommerce, and non-fungible tokens.  Solana is valued at $65 billion and has an average volume of more than $1 billion per 24 hours. According to daily volume, it is among the 10 most valuable currencies. Solana may not have the multibagger potential of being a big player in early next year’s market, but it is a hot product that offers a lot of utility to hot industries.

Solana is set to keep its huge gain going as it finishes the year strong.

         Sol latest price action via trading view.com | SOL/USDT on TradingView.com

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Waves (WAVES).

Waves can be used for dApps and smart contracts as well as new tokens. It utilizes a proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus WavesNG and the network’s native token, WAVES. It is used to reward miners, pay them, vote, and provide an incentive. Since it’s an ERC-20 token, WAVES also makes Waves interoperable with the Ethereum network. The platform is home to many projects, such as a Cross-Chain Network Gravity, DeFi Platform Neutrino and Crypto Exchange Waves DEX.

WAVES token, which has a total market cap exceeding $2.3 billion is well-placed in the top-100 crypto coins.

Terra (LUNA)

We have LUNA, a recognized and respected coin as our third project. The base layer protocol utilizes stablecoins that are pegged to popular fiat rates (not notably TerraUSD). LUNA serves as a reserve asset, which helps to keep the stablecoin’s price. Terra received a Columbus-5 update in October. The Columbus-5 standard enabled Inter-Blockchain Communication to allow users to transfer TerraUSD, TerraLUNA and other assets. Terra is now interoperable across other networks. The record-breaking price for LUNA token was set at $49.43 right after the upgrade. Next month’s record high was $54.77.

While we cannot predict what might happen to these coins, we can only hope and watch what happens.


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