Twitter Working On Its Own Crypto Wallet Prototype

Jane Manchun Wong is a software engineer, well-known for her work. reportsTwitter claimed it would launch its own cryptocurrency wallet, according to soon-to-launch tech features. The feature is in its early stages of development. A prototype is being developed by the team. 

Manchun Woong stated that users will be able to use the crypto wallet to make deposits and withdrawals without having to rely on any third-party service. The company has not made any official statements or announcements at the moment. There are only reports. 

Twitter’s Crypto Wallet Prototype Only The Beginning?

Jack Dorsey’s social media platform has proven to be one of most crypto-friendly, along with Reddit or Instagram. Under Dorsey’s leadership, the company launched several features allowing users to link their crypto wallets to their profiles. 

This feature does require that the user creates and manages their own addresses and wallets. At first, the feature worked with Bitcoin. Twitter later extended this feature to Ethereum addresses as well as non-fungible tokens, NFTs. 

Ethereum ETH ETHUSDT NFTs Twitter crypto wallet
ETH’s price moving sideways on the 4-hour chart. Source: View the ETHUSDT Tradingview

There have been no reports yet of any native Twitter cryptocurrency wallet. The users will have a much simpler process for sending and receiving tips and can use the NFT profile photo feature to make it easier. They won’t need to link or manage an external wallet. 

After the management change, the social media platform is continuing to enhance its crypto features. The company’s founder Jack Dorsey left his role appointing Parag Agrawal as CEO. 

In addition to a crypto wallet feature, there is a separate division called “Bluesky.” The team behind this project is working on a social media solution as a “social protocol.” In that way, these platforms will be able to operate beyond the structure of a traditional company. They will follow the principles of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies such as transparency, decentralization and accountability. 

This protocol may give social media users more control over their services, allowing them the ability to select the ones they like, to run the algorithms, and to even manage the performance of the service. 

Bluesky and Twitter are separate entities. However, Dorsey created them to move social media into the future. He wanted to see social protocols become mainstream in order to allow crypto wallets to be commonplace. 

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