Tron Says Goodbye To Founder, But Where Is Justin Sun Going?

Justin Sun, Tron Foundation’s founder and one of the most controversial figures in the crypto space, will leave his current position. The entrepreneur has accepted an offer from the Government of Grenada and will work as the country’s new Ambassador to the World Trade Organization (WTO).

The TRON founder was received by Grenada’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Oliver Joseph, as seen in the image above. Sun is now known as his excellency, thanks to the new title. It was also announced on Twitter via a different handle.

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Sun said:

I accept the invitation to be appointed Grenadian Governor. I am officially appointed Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Grenada at the World Trade Organization in Geneva. I will be working in full capacity to represent Grenada’s national interests (…).

Tron founder, Tron, shared an open letter with his community in his personal account. He also spoke out about how important it is to develop a partnership between the regulators and crypto industry. While highlighting the benefits for “all mankind” in developing an “unlimited, decentralized” financial infrastructure, Sun also said:

The most important building blocks for the global order are sovereign states. To achieve a true decentralized financial infrastructure, sovereign countries must recognize the Blockchain industry.

Bloomberg reports that Sun, who has lived in Grenada since 2019, will soon be leaving any cryptocurrency projects. Sun will be able to exercise his duties at Geneva’s WTO Headquarters.

Without Sun, TRON: Where is the Network Going?

This entrepreneur is the subject of much debate. His background, the way the TRON Network was launched, and his alleged centralization, almost every aspect of Sun’s life has been at the center of the argument.

Upon his departure from the Tron Foundation, Sun declared the network as “essentially decentralized”. Sun claimed that the organization was disbanded itself on July 25, 2021.

The “justinsuntron,” “BitTorrent,” and “µTorrent,” have officially withdrawn from TRON representatives. Instead, 27 SRs are now running the TRON network.

In that sense, Sun believes TRON has entered a new age of decentralization and called his followers to “embrace the decentralize future”.

According to Bloomberg, Sun became famous in 2020 due to his participation in charity auctions and winning a dinner with Warren Buffett. Although these speculations are only speculations, it is believed that the dinner caused tensions between Sun (and China’s government).

The Tron founder was around much longer than the main media reported. He was involved in disputes with Vitalik Buterin (the inventor of Ethereum) and other figures.

Sun was also sued by former BitTorrent employees. Sun was accused by the plaintiffs of harassing and violating his work environment. Only time will reveal if Sun will cause the same amount of controversy at the WTO Headquarters as the crypto community.

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