Transacting With Content Creators Is Now Easier With Feature Live

It can be difficult to transact with content creators via platforms such as TikTok and YouTube. These platforms are primarily funded by ad revenues and offer few opportunities to interact with content creators. Sites make their money from advertising, which gives creators pennies on each dollar.

Now, there is a brand new platform that promises to disrupt the entertainment industry by offering creators a more efficient way to share their content. To learn more, we spoke to Matt Bravo, founder of Feature Live to get his insights.

About Matt Bravo

Matt Bravo is the founder and chief executive officer of Feature Live. The platform was launched by Bravo in 2021 to allow creators to decide how they wish to be compensated.

Matt loves to push for innovation and is a tech entrepreneur. At 19 years of age, he founded his first company. The game was designed to target golfers and folded into a small briefcase. Matt is still the owner of the U.S. patent.

Matt is also an entertainer. After graduating from school, Matt dabbled with digital marketing and entertainment. Matt was approached by a friend who is a Nashville producer to get his marketing services. He couldn’t pay for any gigs due to the Covid lockdowns so Matt agreed to help. Matt refused the offer but was inspired to launch Feature Live.

Recognize creators clearly and effectively.

Matt developed Feature Live in order to facilitate transparent and efficient transactions between creators. The marketplace model for Feature Live is similar to that of Airbnb, where creators decide the prices they want for their content. There are a variety of in-app purchases such as PPV broadcasts and 1:1 video meet & greets.

Matt developed Feature in order to provide a platform for comedians, artists and other entertainers who want to make money from their work and monetize it.

His entire savings were invested in the startup and he quit his Silicon Valley job as a software engineer to start Feature Live. Officially, the app was launched in April 2022.

Feature Live is currently raising seed rounds. The company seeks partnerships with the most prominent media and talent agencies in the world.

To conclude

Feature Live is a platform that was designed for creators. This platform allows athletes, celebrities, influencers, as well as their supporters, to take home more than other existing platforms. Feature Live has quickly become a favourite for creators as well as fans. Download the app to give it an attempt.