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PRESS RELEASE. If someone is able to promote a worthy crypto or NFT project, but can’t get enough attention for it to be successful, this can become frustrating. This is a common mistake. Many believe they are capable of promoting crypto or NFT projects, but other projects swallow them whole. This isn’t because they are better than any other project. Instead, most of these creators and investors choose a top crypto marketing agent to handle all their project’s online marketing campaigns and strategies. Now that you are aware of what is missing in your crypto marketing strategy, you can still make your project the top topic in NFT and crypto. What’s next?

It is important to choose a crypto marketing agency that has enough experience creating investor awareness.

Thankfully, this article has removed the stress of selecting a top marketing agency by introducing the best one in 2022—ICO SPEAKS.

So what is ICO Speaks’ top-ranked crypto marketing agency for 2022? Here are seven reasons to change someone’s career in cryptocurrency and NFTs.

Crypto Marketing Strategies: Top Picks

This is the key difference between most NFT and crypto projects. ICO Speaks gives crypto and NFT project creators expert advice on how to use effective marketing strategies to increase awareness, engage, and attract investors from different communities. Your project may be one of the top topics in various NFT and crypto groups through ICO Speaks.

Crypto Social Media Marketing

One thing that we all know is that social media has become an extremely powerful vehicle for NFTs growth and cryptocurrency. ICO Speaks is the leading social media agency to promote your project on multiple platforms. This will ensure potential investors find you and make an investment.

Telegram Pin Post Promotions

Social media, as we’ve already said, is one of most useful tools to increase the credibility and legitimacy of cryptocurrency and NFTs. Telegram has been a social media platform that allowed various crypto projects to be household names. ICO Speaks, which has over 70,000 members, has made a significant investment in Telegram. The pin post promotion service means that as people enter the group, they immediately see your project displayed at the group’s top.

News Media: Crypto PR

ICO Speaks makes it easy to find the most recent crypto and NFT news in the media. This top-ranked crypto marketing agency will promote your project to investors and make sure they see the value of investing in it.

Twitter Crypto Services

ICO Speaks can also use Twitter to help promote your project. Your content is included in top marketing agencies’ Twitter feeds. This will ensure that you are able to gain a trending status on Twitter which can help attract investors.

Crypto Telegram Marketing

ICO Speaks is the best Telegram promotion for ICO/NFT. By offering segments in their Telegram Group, the agency is an invaluable resource for NFT and crypto creators. AMA sessions are a great way to make crypto or NFT projects household names.


This will make it clear that you don’t need to worry about choosing the right ICO/NFT cryptocurrency marketing agency. It is simple to get started with ICO SPEEKS. The following contact options are available to the agency:

You can find out more information about ICO Speaks on this website.




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