Top 3 Altcoin Performers Of The Week- DOGE, KLAY, MATIC

  • DOGE’s price shows strength as it bounces from a downtrend range price rallied to a high of $0.088 with eyes set on $0.1. 
  • MATIC may rally further as bullish bias is created by the price breaking out from its descending triangle. MATIC also has good volume so the price could rise to $1. 
  • KLAY’s price remains strong on the daily timeframe above the 50 Exponential Moving Average (EMA) as the price aims for more rallies.

MATIC and DOGE were the altcoins that performed best for the week. It is remarkable how they held their main support in October and displayed resilience in an area with many potential downtrends and loss of support. These past days, the crypto market looked better with Bitcoin (BTC), and Ethereum (ETH), showing great price movements in recent times. With the price of DOGE, MATIC, and DOGE showing some great price actions, let’s look at these top 3 altcoin performers. Data from Binance

Top 3 Altcoin Performers – Dogecoin (DOGE) Price Analysis On The Daily Chart

Source: DGEUSDT on| Source: DOGEUSDT On

DOGE’s bullish momentum has been hampered by a quieter price. DOGE traded at $0.055 per week, which is despite all the uncertainties in the crypto world. DOGE maintained its support level of $0.055 despite these difficulties.

Trading in a wide range over weeks because the price seemed difficult to trade, due to low volume and the stagnant price, DOGE’s price finally started to move after the market’s revival. Elon Musk’s Twitter acquisition has had a positive impact on the DOGE price. 

DOGE’s price trades at $0.086, which clears key resistance. This keeps the price from rising higher. We could see DOGE reaching a maximum of $0.1

Daily resistance for the price of DOGE – $0.1.

Daily support for the price of DOGE – $0.068.

Analyse of Price for MATIC On the Daily (1D) Chart

Source: MATICUSDT on| Source: MATICUSDT On

MATIC’s price is bullish. It has risen to $0.95, after it broke out from its downward triangle on good volume. MATIC is facing resistance from the trend toward the $1 region.

The Fibonacci retracement (Fib) value of 78.6% indicates that MATIC’s price was rejected as it attempted to break above this key value. A Fib value equal to 78.6% corresponds with the $0.96 price. MATIC could close above that level and the price may rally to $1 or even $1.2.

Daily resistance for the MATIC price – $1.

Daily support for the MATIC price – $0.85.

The Top Three Altcoin Pros- Pricing Analysis for KLAY On the Daily (1D) Chart

Daily KLAY Chart | Source: KLAYUSDT On

KLAY’s price is bullish. It has risen to $0.28, after it broke out of the descending triangle on good volume. KLAY’s price is still in the $0.3-$0.4 range.

KLAY’s volume suggests if the crypto market maintains its structure, KLAY could rally to the high of $0.3-$0.4.

Daily resistance for the KLAY price – $0.3-$0.4.

Daily support for the KLAY price – $0.21.

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