TIDEFI Mainnet And DEX App Goes Live As TDFY Sunrise Pool Token Distribution Nears

Access to the DeFi ecosystem is made easier for users of crypto. TIDEFI seeks to open the doors of decentralized finance by providing one asset and a DEX. The project is appealing to traders and market makers as well as builders. This will create a foundation for Web3 development.

Unfracturing Access to DeFi

Financial equality is still difficult to find in today’s decentralized financial landscape. There are numerous opportunities within the sector, however, most of them are not accessible to those who have sufficient knowledge about the wider industry and the currencies. TIDEFI’s goal is to streamline this process and provide decentralized financing for everyone.

To explore traditional DeFi options and protocols, you need specialized software that can handle different network and solution types, assets across multiple blockchains and keep track of all the details. Because it’s too complex, this isn’t something that most people want to do. They prefer a simpler and easier ecosystem that provides all the tools needed and an unified experience for users across devices.

TIDEFI provides a separate, standalone app that allows you to access DeFi information from your browser. This application is compatible with all of the major operating systems on desktop computers and offers all available tools and features. In the future, dedicated Android and IOS applications will have the exact same appearance and feel.

Furthermore, understanding how TIDEFI got started is important. Two important milestones are the mainnet launch of TIDEFI and its DEX application. Despite the fact that there is 2.5 million GBP seed round funding, both of these milestones were achieved by the team without VC funding. Instead, they will bring more value to the community and set the stage for the distribution of 320 million TDFY tokens – 32% of the supply minted during Genesis – accordingly.

Building community value

TDFY Sunrise Pool, community treasury and other assets will create value for the community. TDFY will have initial liquidity through the Sunrise Pool. It also allows holders to explore DeFi possibilities. In addition, the community treasury is set up to attract builders and developers creating on top of TIDEFI’s infrastructure. Incentives for community participation include a DEX base currency, and a layer-1 ecosystem.

“Looking at the industry over the last couple years, specifically in the exchange space, we wanted to build a secure DEX that leveraged the price discovery and speed of a CEX, whilst giving the user complete control of their funds. Combining this with chain agnostic interoperability, we are excited to offer a transparent ecosystem for our community to participate in,” Daniel Elsawey (TIDEFI CEO, co-founder) said.

TIDEFI’s unique approach to decentralized finance is unique. One example is the ability to place limit orders via the native exchange.



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