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PRESS RELEASE. XSwap, a name which has gained considerable attention in recent months for a compelling reason, is a very popular choice. The XSwap Treasure Token (XTT), can best be described as XSwap Protocol’sIt is the farming reward token. It also serves as their native token, the “The” subproject. XSwap Launchpad.

What’s there to know?

Projects looking for a broad range of services can use the launchpad to find them. This includes token generation and pre-sale funding as well as liquidity and token locking. As they see fit, the team will add new features to the launchpad. The team will decide what they believe is best for XSwap as well as the end users.

To earn more XTT, users can stake XTT tokens. Users can stake as much or little as they wish, with no limit on their stakes. Newly launched projects that use the launchpad will also be able to make use of the staking portal, allowing their respective communities the opportunity to get staking reward tokens and XTT.

When users offer liquidity to XSwap’s DEX, they will be granted Liquidity Pool (LP) tokens (XSP2) and rewarded for providing liquidity. This allows users to stake the LP tokens and earn rewards in XTT. XTT can also be minted using the main contract. This is rare and fixed. After taking into account the multiplier of all farms pools, the minted XTTs can be distributed in different proportions. Each LP provider shares the pool reward total.

Launchpad for XDC

The XDC Launchpad, the first decentralized launchpad of the XDC network, is now open. XSwap witnessed this rapid industry growth, and eventually led to the XSwap AMM DEX. XSwap launched the launchpad to better serve the startup needs and further the XDC network’s expansion. It is this launchpad that allows future projects to generate capital through the network.

Investors can access token sales in an early stage at lower prices than launching tokens publicly. In a nutshell, a ‘win-win situation’ is created for project developers and cryptocurrency investors.

Thanks to XSwap Protocol’s increasing presence as well as reach and by utilizing the launchpad, numerous DeFi projects will receive the much-needed exposure they seek; this results in more people knowing about their project. They will see a significant increase in interest and participation among their potential markets and communities. It will allow project tokens to be seamlessly integrated into crypto exchanges, allowing DeFi to reach a wider audience.

Wichtige Informationen über $XTT

The official name is XSwap Treasure Token, while the ticker is XTT (18 decimals), there is an infinite supply and the address of the contract is publicly accessible. The goal of 1,000,000,000 tokens was met with only one pre-sale round.

You could only invest a minimum of 4,000 XDC. Maximum investment was 400,000 XDC. XSwap offered a 10% bonus for those who made a maximum one-time buy-in of 400,000 XDC. Also, 60,000,000XTT were allocated to be airdropped at the ratio of one XTT to every 100 XSP. Pre-sale would see the minting rates determined by the amount of XTT sold. They would then fall within a specified range.

About XSwap

XSwapThis is the AMM DEX of XRC20 tokens, built by the XDC Network. The DEX allows customers to exchange and earn money within a secured pool. XSP, the DEX’s native cryptocurrency, is used throughout the blockchain and has certain utilities like farming, voting, staking and payment capabilities.

XSP token already has been integrated into Fireblocks. This means that users can anticipate XTT being integrated in the near future. XSwap Protocol launched their AMM DEX successfully in the XDC network. XSwap’s farming platform will be available soon after the launch of XTT. In addition, XTT will be used as the launchpad’s native token and as the primary farming reward token. The team plans to launch the XSwap Wallet and the payment gateways as their future goal.

You can find more information on the website as well as regular updates at the Twitter, Telegram Medium channels.




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