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Mars4This multi-tiered project combines NFTs and Crypto with an immersive survival video game. Through, we give you a window to a virtual Mars and a host of investment opportunities via the world’s first revenue-generating NFT.

Mars4 NFTs sold quickly and raised more than $250K. You are the best time to start thinking about being a Mars landlord.

Tiered Crypto Returns Epochs

Mars4 NFTs are precise plots of Mars land that have been created using data from NASA, other agencies and modern 3D graphics. Mars4 NFTs were released under our Epoch system which utilizes a scarcity model for pricing.

Epoch’s tiered reward system rewards investors with higher returns for early investments. Below are more details about the Epoch system.

Investors who have purchased Mars4 land NFTs during or before the current Epoch (Epoch 1) will receive 51% of the earnings of the next Epoch (Epoch 2), redistributed in Mars4 Tokens (‘Mars4 dollars’) in one lump sum after the NFTs under that Epoch are sold.

Epochs 0 through Epoch 5 are covered by the Epoch System. Each Epoch contains a set number of NFTs. Income generated in an Epoch’s end is distributed to NFTs investors who have invested in all Epochs. The system works throughout and provides greater returns for investors who own earlier Epochs.

You can also expect NFT prices to increase after Epoch ends. The scarcity principle drives the Epoch system: less land equals more value.

With over 56,000 NFTs sold, only around 3,000 NFTs remain before the Epoch’s first stage redistribution kicks in. Once Epoch 2 is reached, investors holding the NFTs sold prior to Epoch 1 will receive 51% of the income from Epoch 2’s NFT sales in Mars4 dollars.

Integrating Mars4 Tokens: A Virtual Economy

Mars4 will incorporate both the Mars4 Token as well the Mars4 NFT Land within our forthcoming survival game. This will bring a whole new element to the investment value and generate income for our NFT holders.

NFT Lands are virtual locations that allow players and owners to have their own space on Mars. The Metaverse will have survival and colonisation mechanisms and rewards landowners who build thriving communities in their NFT land parcels. This also provides returns for investors and players in Mars4 Tokens.

The game will also use the Mars4 Token to create a virtual economy and real-world wealth.
You can find out more information about our plans to play the Mars Game here.
Check out this AMA to hear from our award winning creative director regarding the upcoming video game.


What are you waiting to do? Mars4 opens up the world to you. Each Epoch will be reached and the investors from previous Epochs will still receive Redistributed Mars4 tokens. This means that now is the ideal time to make an investment in the Epoch system to reap the benefits.

Discord – Join Mars4 and learn more about Mars4.


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