The World’s First DEX Phone App Is Now Live on Android

The difficulty of using most decentralized platforms makes crypto difficult to adopt. This is limiting the potential for mass adoption. It is necessary to provide an interface that simplifies complex decentralized protocols and infrastructures for the public. A better user experience will improve consumer satisfaction and break down barriers to entry.

The current crypto environment has major accessibility issues due to DEXs’ complex OS and difficult-to-understand UI/UX structures. Although the usage rate for blockchain is increasing at an incredible pace, there are many issues that exchanges face in trying to connect with larger markets.

The solution to help overcome these issues lies in taking all the benefits of a DEX and its assets and integrating them into people’s mobile phones. As people are able to use decentralized exchanges without friction, we now live in mobile-first times.

Fibswap’s DEX Phone App Is Leading the Charge

DeFi’s current environment is cluttered with defunct UI and low interoperability exchanges. Decentralized and centralized exchanges can be confusing for users. Although DEXs have the advantage over CEXs in terms of privacy, ownership and security it is still a steep learning curve.

A mobile app allows users to avoid complicated steps and use different service providers for simple token swaps on DEXs. Fibswap solves an industry-wide issue by filling this gap.

Fibswap, a multi-chain exchange, has developed the world’s first Android DEX application to simplify DeFi for everyone. The platform’s interface is user-friendly and will separate users from sophisticated onboarding steps.

The DEX new solution has an integrated wallet which makes swapping easier for both traders and investors. Users will also have direct access to crypto assets through the app.

Android App Makes More Sense with Interoperable System Of Fibswap

When using a central exchange, a mobile app will be an excellent choice. However, will the mobile application be quicker and more compatible with multiple chains?

Fibswap’s DEX app has a unique interoperable multi-chain bridge system (IMBS) that makes trading 99% faster and allows traders to bridge between two blockchain networks. Fibswap users are able to execute swaps within 10 seconds and at very low fees using $FIBO, its utility token. It does not require any additional technical knowledge. It is possible to operate the same way with it as single-chain DEXs such as Uniswap or PancakeSwap.

In terms of security, the Fibswap app provides a reliable platform that keeps users’ funds secure and removes the external vulnerability by conducting vigorous audits. This application provides everything DeFi needs to be able reach the masses without any restrictions.

Fibswap’s Flagship App Will Be a Game Changer

Fibswap’s mobile application is an extension of their current DEX  and this should increase crypto accessibility for mainstream public users. FibSwap allows mobile-only users to directly connect to their blockchain network, and access all assets. Multi-chain exchanges are now available to everyone, as the entry cost is much lower than other ones.

It will go live on January 4, 2022 and there will soon be an IOS version. This could initiate a massive wave of public interest towards mobile-based DEXs, and Fibswap’s flagship app will be the one to take over.

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