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PRESS RELEASE.The largest Metaverse Hackathon, also known as Metathon, was held by Metaverse Alliance (LD Capital) and ended after two months. It was officially concluded on January 21st, 2022 PST. Nearly 280 developers came from 13 countries to take part in the hackathon, which attracted more than 100 participants.

The Metathon was judged by 36 experts from leading funds like Republic, Delphi Digital and Binance Labs. They were also invited to the meeting by OKEx Blockdream Ventures and KuCoin Labs.

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Each judge graded the final ten projects on six criteria: potential impact, functionality and novelty; mass usability; design complexity; technical complexity. At least five judges graded each project. The average score was used to select the three best projects from each track.

Excited to announce the winning teams today, across five tracks — GameFi, SocialFi, DAO tool, Financial NFT.

The GameFi Track Award Winners:

1ST: MetaOasis $25,000

MetaOasis, an online multiplayer game that is futuristic and sci-fi themed, offers a platform for multi-game play, as well as a meta-world with gameplay.


2ED: $15,000 My Meta Farm

My Meta Farm, an NFT open-world farming NFT project, is inspired by Animal Crossing. Players can build their worlds, cultivate crops and animals, care for pets and rent out shops to purchase goods, create houses and decorate them.



TAP FANATASY METAVERSE (or Tap Fantasy Metaverse) is the Metaverse edition of the well-known MMORPG TAPTAP FEANTASY. With more than 20,000,000 users and more than 1,000,000 DAU, it has become a Facebook favorite.


The Infrastructure Track winners:

1ST: MetaLoop $25,000

MetaLoop is a platform that teaches learn-to earn to 22M students. It aims to encourage blockchain adoption in college students by gamifying the learning process.

2ED: 4EVERLAND $15,000

4EVERLAND, a Web 3.0 cloud computing platform, integrates storage and computing capabilities.


3RD: Web3Games $10,000

Web3Games integrates 4 products into a blockchain-based gaming ecosystem: Portal, Protocol and Studios.


SocialFi Track winners:

1ST: ShowMe $25,000.

ShowMe, a subscription-based social network for NFT, uses PONA (Proof of NFT Achievements), and a variety of subscription options to assist communities, projects, KOLs and DAOs in accumulating users and tagging them.


2ED: Neo3D Live! $15,000

Video conferencing in real-time is combined with 3D environments to make the Metaverse user- and developer-friendly.

3RD: Metamobile $10,000

Metaverse mobile provider. Founded by world-famous automotive designers. MetaMobile will provide mobile transportation to players throughout Metaverse using the most innovative state-of-the art technology.


Financial NFT Winners:

1ST: Capsid $25,000.

Capsid is an NFT derivative protocol that enables owners to issue “rights” to generate income from derivatives and services.


2ED: Themis Protocol 15,000

Themis gives users the ability to access NFT collateral and NFT leverage as well as GameFi liquidity. The DeFi yields you earn are not driven by trading but rather by your playing and your consumption.


3RD: Mimicry Protocol $10,000

Polygon’s fully-collateralized derivative tokens called mimics use oracles for a mirroring of the floor price one or more NFT Collections on OpenSea.


Dao tool Track Winners:

1ST: Rainbow Dao $25,000

RainbowDAO Protocol was developed with the permission of Rainbowcity Foundation. It focuses on creating web3 fundamental components.


You can also see the winners of six special prizes:

Most Creative ProjectCosmic Factions $8,000

CosmicFactions is an ecosystem built on blockchain technology that allows for multiple factions to co-exist within a single Eco-verse.


The Most Promising Project Rentero $8,000

Tenant farming refers to an agricultural production model in which landowners provide their land, and sometimes a portion of the operating capital and management. Meanwhile, tenant farmers supply their labor and at times differing amounts of capital as well as management.


The Most In-Demand ProjectFOTA 10,000

FOTA is a Triple A MOBA Game Project, published by DJINN PTE.LTD. It features a fantasy universe with many races. FOTA lets a lot of people play together in the Metaverse.


The Best Technical Project Hoglet $8,000

Hoglet lets users trade NFTs at a future date on a platform called Hoglet. Hoglet was rebranded to Open land.


This is the Best Design ProjectFERMION $8,000

Strong economic systems and a highly-open P2E Universe Sandbox. As a space resource gatherer or snatcher, you can also be building madman and a union founder.


Project with the Best Prospects:TOPDJ $8,000

One-stop platform for DJs, musicians and producers that convert DJ products to NFTs. This bridged the gap with DJs’ fan bases and redefined how music-driven digital assets were consumed.


Extra Grant


The first gamified massive creation platform & launchpad for fun digital collectibles.


Important explanations:

  1. Given the score of the DAO track and the different views from many judges, the decision was made to choose one winner.
  2. Four projects were not classified in the preliminary round. The judges divided them into the appropriate track.
  3. Cradles NEO, Klyayth and Multiverse Sponsor Grants. The Metaverse Alliance Team will be in close contact with sponsors, helping them to connect with select projects within their ecosystem. All sponsors are free to pick the projects that they want to support, but can reserve the rights to refuse to reward any project.

Without the help and support of participants and partners, none of this could have been achieved. They spent their time prior to the hackathon curating and evaluating the submissions and evaluation process.

We appreciate the support from our partners. They believe in Metaverse Alliance’s potential and help spread the word about miracles. Metaverse Alliance hopes to host the 2022 global hackathon. We want to thank everyone who participated. Also, we would like to express our gratitude to the judges for their time in reviewing the projects.

Lastly, Spring Wind Venture is grateful for the $100,000 prize that will be presented to the winner.SWV’s mission is to accelerate innovation and support projects in early stages of development.

Meta Alliance

Metaverse Alliance is an alliance of Metaverse fans and believers in blockchain technology. The team is on an expedition to discover the endless possibilities of Metaverse and seeks to unite all those who are interested. Even if the project is not yet fully developed, they want to help support it.

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