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Opendao is a new, decentralized organisation that gave Opensea users a Christmas gift. Opendao launched their own token and held an airdrop that distributed it to Opensea users who had bought NFTs through Opensea. This allowed them to claim half of its total supply of SOS (its native token) as a thank you for helping to popularize NFTs.

Opensea Users Receive Opendao Airdrop

Opensea users got an Opensea gift from a DAO (decentralized autonomous organisation) this Christmas. The airdrop was created to express gratitude and thanks for all the support it has received. Opendao went live on Christmas Eve and airdropped half of its total supply for all Opensea users who had traded NFTs or transacted on Opensea’s marketplace. This snapshot was taken December 23, 2009.

This organization asserts that 20 percent of its total issuance is going to be used by the DAO native token, SOS, to help victims of fraud on Opensea and other platforms, as well as support new artists and their original works.

After the initial concern about authorizing an unknown contract to have control over users’ Ethereum wallets, according to reports on social media, heavy usersOpensea has received thousands in airdrops from SOS. As of the writing date, over 240K users claimed the SOS Airdrop. The token was also listed on Kucoin (central exchange) and Oxex (central exchange).

An innovative way to airdrop

Opendao is unique in its organization. Alexis Ohanian (reddit founder), praised this airdrop’s organization. He stated:

OK — b4 all the VC thinkpieces start…. these airdrops (like $ENS before it) flip script on how EVERYONE will value their time + spending online👉 u’re finally rewarded 4 using. It’s bringing incentives that I love (as a founder/investor) to the COMMUNITY that makes it all work.

He further detailed that as the blockchain is a public record, many parties can organize these airdrops, and in the future, there will be a lot of spam crowding people’s wallets. But he said that there would be some great projects.

SOS prices have seen significant growth since the launch. Coingecko has provided price data that shows the coin rose from $0.00000140 to $0.00001108 when it was launched. Since then, it has retraced back to a price intermediate of $0.00000650.

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