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PRICE RELEASENovatar, a special edition of 25K avatars will launch with the Novatar. This NFT project allows users to explore virtual reality’s fascinating new world and create a new persona.

All of us can resemble the way humans entered this world as babies, 25K NovatarsNewborns are the most vulnerable. All are unique with distinct features, expressions and skin colors. The babies will become more advanced as they grow. This will occur after minting. As they grow, their appearances and genes change. The user decides when to make them an adult.

The 9 basic genes in Baby Novatar all are fundamental.

Ten genes out of 14 are essential for an adult Novatar while others are optional.

Each gene can have 6 variants for infant avatars. For adults, there are 11 variations for each gene (except those responsible for eyebrow colors, skin, hair and eyes).

Novatar users can choose from a variety of usability options:

  • This diversity allows users to find their own identity and build a Metaverse in digital platforms.
  • Novatar can be used in existing metas and social networks, but it will also become an essential part of real-life events that will be coordinated locally by Novatar users.

Novatars’ extraordinary creation of turning a baby into an NFT avatar is amazing. All the personalities are preserved.

Information about Novatars

  • There are 25K Novatars that are rare
  • Novatars begin life as newborn babies
  • The owner can decide after minting the date of Novatar babies’ evolution into adulthood.
  • Only a limited number of occupations are possible, such as a coder, a doctor or blogger, an astronaut, or a gamer.
  • They will develop new genes as they age.
  • Novatar varieties that are more uncommon than others can only be created by unique gene combinations.


Novatar is a project that has 25K Novatars. Each Novatar’s facial expressions and race are unique, allowing the user to create the life they desire in virtual reality.

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