The Metaverse Opens Its Doors To Fractional NFT Real Estate

Many would have others believe that NFTs are nothing more than tradable JPEGs, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

NFTs: Revolutionizing Ownership

NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token – “Non-Fungible” meaning a unique signifier of ownership, and “Token” meaning a cryptographic record in a blockchain. NFTs can be described as unique records of ownership stored on a blockchain.

NFTs can be used for many purposes, as ownership is represented by them. Already, NFTs can be used to buy music, digital land, or heroes from blockchain-based games. Sandbox.

New developments in blockchain technology make it possible for investors to acquire physical assets through NFTs. Tokenization is the process of encoding physical assets into a blockchain. Tokenized real estate is the most important impact of this development for investors.

Pioneering Metaverse Real Estate

Smart contracts are bits of software which enforce digital agreements and power NFTs. NFT ownership management is made easier by smart contracts. They handle royalties and payment distributions as well as the transfer of legal rights.

Smart contracts replace intermediaries such as banks, title agencies, escrow companies and buyers and sellers agents in real estate transactions. NFTs can make the real estate purchase process seamless and simple, decreasing the amount of time required to complete the transaction. This saves everyone involved from unnecessary hassles.

Futurent is a platform that makes real estate investing easy. Futurent allows investors to purchase real estate using fractionalized NFTs – NFTs that have been split into several pieces, each piece representing partial ownership in a property.

By splitting ownership between multiple investors, Futurent lowers the amount of capital that’s typically needed to enter real estate. Futurent lets investors share in the rental revenue, creating passive income immediately.

Futurent, which is developed entirely by a doxxed group, boasts a global membership and places a high priority on property acquisition in crypto friendly locations such as Dubai and Switzerland. Upon Futurent’s IDO launch in January of 2022, investors will be able to make purchases using top cryptocurrencies like ETH in addition to Futurent’s native FUTR token.

Futurent is diligently working to obtain large partnerships. These will soon be revealed. This partnership includes secure DeFi protocols to protect investor privacy, financial and lending platforms that maximize investor potential, as well as blockchain insurance providers that provide security for investors. It also offers gaming partnerships for digital land sale.


Blockchain, NFTs, and cryptocurrencies are bringing together the virtual and real worlds. Futurent, a pioneer in fractional NFT property, allows investors to easily enter this space.

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