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Morgan Stanley, an investment bank, has declared that the metaverse will be the next major theme in investing. This was stated in a note addressed to investors on Thursday. The bank’s strategists believe that this alternative view of reality has attracted significant interest from many companies, including Microsoft and Meta (formerly Facebook). Some companies have already tapped into it.

‘Metaverse’ the New Buzz Concept

According to Thursday’s note to investors, Morgan Stanley, the largest investment bank in the world announced that it views the metaverse as the next major investment opportunity. Metaverse refers to a concept where people can create an alternative universe in which they can make their own images and do real-life activities like buying stuff, playing with friends or other things.

Companies have already grasped the idea and are working to develop their own versions. To reflect the new focus on metaverses, Facebook changed its name to Meta. Microsoft will also be adding metaverse-themed elements into its products next year. Edward Stanley, strategist Morgan Stanley:

You can transform the ways you interact with other people.

The Pie is for the Companies

Stanley indicated that these types of activities are becoming more common in companies’ projects. These new trends in the market are already benefiting tech stocks and gaming stocks, such as Roblox. Stanley stressed:

Companies are taking an increasing interest in the metaverse concept and newsflow has been very high. The metaverse is attracting more attention from analysts and companies than any other major topic.

But, it was also noted that the construction of an alternate universe is in its very beginning stages. While these efforts are starting to manifest, it’s still many years before the whole metaverse can be built. It will require a great deal of cooperation and collaboration between these companies in order for this universe to become a reality. It will become possible for users to move their avatars, experiences and other information seamlessly from one platform into another.

Stanley noticed, too that the majority of companies who get into the metaverse trend are from three countries. These three countries are most concerned with activities and launches of corporate entities in the metaverse.

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