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A study this week revealed that most U.S.-based game developers are using blockchain elements to create their games. The study was commissioned by Stratis and shows that NFTs and blockchain are causing game developers to change how they make games in order to reach new markets and attract more players.

Video Game Development: Blockchain and NFTs are Mainstream

It is a trend that will continue to be popular for video games to include NFTs and blockchain elements. This week, 58% (of the 197 surveyed U.S. and U.K. developers) are now using blockchain elements to enhance their games, according to Stratis and Opinium. The same study also revealed that 48% of the surveyed developers incorporate NFTs into their games.

These elements increase players’ digital connection. This shows how mainstream gaming companies are slowly incorporating these elements. EA and other major gaming companies believe that new technology is part of the future. Survey results confirm that trend with over 70% saying they will consider these new technologies in order to make new games, and 56% of them planning to use it within the next 12 month.

It is easy to see why. These are the two most popular reasons that blockchain elements were used in gaming. Play-to-earn, which is rewarding players with real value, was the second most-popular use case.

AAA Studios Interested, but Indies Are Already Here

Chris Trew is the CEO of Stratis. Stratis offers an SDK that allows you to incorporate blockchain elements into your game engines.

Epic, a well-known platform that welcomes blockchain-based games and NFTs has made it clear that AAA studios are likely to release titles using these technologies over the next few years. There are many independent game developers who will be the first to get there.

Square Enix and Ubisoft have long been exploring blockchain and NFTs, but there are many independent studios (indie) that embrace these technologies with great success. Sky Mavis’s game Axie Infinity has made play-to earn a hit and includes NFT components to help it grow its economy.

Is blockchain and NFT becoming more mainstream in the world of videogame design? Comment below.

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