The First Fair On-Chain NFT Auction Platform

Random Edge offers participants a chance at greatness through a fair, transparent and verifiably random NFT auction platform. Many people have made life-changing fortunes with NFTs. This kind of story often drives people to make as many NFTs as possible at an auction/mint in order to hit the jackpot when images are revealed. Unfortunately,  the playing field is often skewed in favor of insiders, influencers, savvy coders, and others in the know.

Random Edge is able to eliminate these inefficiencies. It offers users a level playing ground by being open about their auctions and promising that only one person will be effected with the vast majority of funds from minting events.

Random Edge leverages Chainlink VRF to deliver transparent, verified random results that can’t be gamed. It is free from any insiders, influencers or gimmicks. It’s simple.

  1. Users will purchase NFT’s for a flat fee per NFT
  2. The NFT will be sent to them with an ID randomly chosen.
  3. Once the max supply is hit or the time limit has been reached, Random Edge will call a function that uses Chainlink VRF to randomly choose one of the minted ID’s (all on-chain)
  4. That ID owner will be the one to receive most of the ETH automatically collected through the auction smart contracts.

Random Edge’s mission is simple: to establish a level playing field for all those that participate. Random Edge is not going to reward early contributors or influencers. Instead, Random Edge will create a game where all players are equally rewarded so everyone has a chance of winning. How many NFTs users earn is directly related to how likely they are to win the prize pool. You want better odds of winning? Get more NFTs.

Random Edge plans to run consecutive prize pools to match the users’ appetite. Multiple prize pools will be offered, with prizes proportionate to mint’s price. While some pools have lower mint costs, which will result in lower payouts, others will be more expensive to mint and will pay out a larger amount. These pools will be designed to match each participant’s appetite for risk.

Bottom line: The bottom line?

Random Edge seeks to establish a new system that matches reward and risk in an open, transparent, verifyable and above all, fair way.

Random Edge

Random Edge is the world’s first on-chain NFT auction platform that leverages Chainlink VRF to provide verifiably random results with prize pools paid out daily.


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