The First Decentralized Betting Exchange

There have been many unsuccessful attempts in the past at creating a safe, legal and secure online gambling environment. Many of these failed because of privacy issues and legal problems. Blockchain technology is a promising new option for sports bettors. It provides an open and secure environment that allows them to make their wagers.

Pre-blockchain users had to trust the platform would accurately and timely place their wagers. They also had to trust a mysterious betting system in an unfair and opaque environment. The blockchain could change the way that betting works, by sharing the responsibility to track transactions over a wide network. 

DAO is also possible with blockchain technology in online betting. DAO, or Decentralized Autonomous Organization, is an organisation that doesn’t have one entity managing the odds for the project. Instead it has its investors and community. DAO could potentially transform the online betting market by dispersing control and making it fair and transparent. 

BetswapThe first blockchain-based decentralized betting exchange,.gg, is driving the change. This multi-chain project will be live first on Ethereum and Polygon. Then, Solana and other blockchains will follow. It’s designed to allow betting fans around the world to place bets against each other on favorite sports. 

How does work? is a multi-chain decentralized betting exchange built as the first true challenger to the world’s dominant betting exchange. It allows its users to place bets on all sports against a global community by connecting their MetaMask within seconds. Betswap is an online betting platform that offers thrills and anonymity. It also has the advantage of being decentralized and globally accessible. 

  • Anonymous – Bettors do not have to register or create an account to start betting. You can connect your MetaMask wallet to start betting.
  • Decentralized – Betswap is powered by Ethereum and layer 2 Polygon with a governance token that makes the project completely decentralized.
  • Global – Blockchain enables global access, making Betswap available to bettors around the globe without any restrictions or limits. can be used for many purposes and offers several services. allows its users to bookmakers and make sports betting more exciting. Betswapp has the following features 

  • Order Book – The order book gives the bettors in-depth knowledge about their returns, odds, lay, matched bets and make your own odds.
  • Back Betting – Back betting is a feature offered by most online sport betting platforms, including traditional sport-books. Place your bets and win on the team you choose.
  • Lay Betting – with Lay Betting, the bettor can play the role of the bookmaker and bet on something that does not happen to increase the odds of winning., the decentralized online platform that fully uses the blockchain technology to make sports betting more convenient and secure is unique. transactions are conducted in an environment of trust and no centralization. The project’s utility token is supported by a buyback mechanism that keeps the supply flowing., a blockchain project that is exclusively designed for sports betting fans, is one of the best. The users can feel the excitement of online sports betting while remaining anonymous and protected. 



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