The Crypto Escrow That We Have All Been Waiting For

Escrow, a legal term that allows a third party to hold assets and funding for two parties in accordance with a set of predetermined conditions, is widely used. Escrow ensures that all parties are able to deliver their goods before the transaction can be completed. In the financial system, escrow has a lot of popularity in particular the real-estate industry.

Escrow Protocol is a project that introduces the proven concept of an escrow to blockchain and helps to optimize crowdfunding. Crowdfunding connects project developers with investors. But, crowdfunding models such as ICO rely heavily on trust. This is frequently broken through rug pulls.

An ICO, or another crowdfunding mechanism, allows a start-up to raise hundreds of millions from investors and venture capitalists. They don’t need 100% of the funding in their early stages. Escrow Protocol acts as an escrow company to keep the funds safe and to release the funds according to milestones achieved. Escrow Protocol’s goal is to provide transparency and security for investors, while allowing them to control their investments.

What’s the Escrow Protocol?

The Escrow Protocol, a Web3-based accelerator that allows investors to raise funds online and decentralizes their control of them, is designed to allow for greater investor oversight. This project brings together the best parts of DeFi and blockchain to create an all-inclusive platform for investors to use to fund their favourite start-ups. It is user-friendly and provides oversight, security and comfort.

Escrow Protocol provides financial security for managing DeFi funds by leveraging smart contracts, to-be respected agreements and leverages financial safety. This project is responsible for holding investment funds. It allocates these funds to help farmers grow value and increase interest, while they wait to receive their pay-outs.

Escrow Protocol features include:

  • Escrow Protocol will have a 100% DAO, and be governed by the community to assure fairness and transparency.
  • Funds held in Escrow are paid 80% to investors. Yield-Farming Protocols allocate funds to Yield Farming Protocols.
  • Escrow Protocol created NFT ID-Badges for the platform that grant access to host projects.
  • Project is powered by an easy-to use interface that allows non-crypto users access to the project.
  • This allows for community decision making with relative voting power.
  • Reputation-based scoring allows for expert opinions to be used within the community.
  • Integration of white-label Escrow for operations in real world.

Escrow Protocol makes the crowdfunding process easier and more secure for investors by making blockchain technology simpler. To learn more about Escrow Protocol, visit




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