The 5 Fintech influencers that all insiders should follow

Like that of fashion, the fintech world also has specialists who play the role of being influencers

What is the fintech world?

We can consider Fintech as the set of improvements based on technological innovations, which are revolutionizing the world of finance.

As you can see from our articles, the blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies play the lion’s share in the world of  technological finance.

The figure of the fintech influencer

Differently from the influencers known on social networks like Instagram, fintech influencers aren’t just consumer product testers.

An influencer in the fintech world isn’t limited to spreading ideas and information, but it often also has an active part in companies and startups in the world of the new global finance.

The 5 fintech influencers to keep an eye on

It sure isn’t easy to name 5 influencers that everyone should know, there are many personalities who spread new ideas, and influence the world of the techno-finance.

Here are the 5 people that we think are able to spread ideas better and faster than anyone else, those that keep us updated on the latest trends and news in the fintech world.

Vitalik Buterin

Co-founder of Ethereum, the second cryptocurrency in the world after Bitcoin, he’s also one of the founders of Bitcoin Magazine.

Buterin started studying the world of digital banking at an early age, his influence in the world of cryptocurrencies, thanks to the introduction of Ethereum, is of great importance because of Instagram comments products.

He has also won several international awards, including the very prestigious one of in the economics and finance magazine, Forbes.

Jim Marous

He’s one of the first 5 Fintech influencers, owner and publisher of the Digital Banking Report, and he’s also co-publisher of The Financial Brand.

We heard many magazines talk about Marous, including CNN, CNBC, the New York Times, The Financial Times, The Economist, Forbes and The Wall Street Journal.

He also gave invaluable advice on the White House’s banking policy.

He’s also very popular on Twitter, YouTube and Linkedin.

Spiros Margaris

Founder of Mardagaris Advisory, he’s one of the most important leading experts in the technology finance field in the world.

He was nominated by Onalytica as the number one figure in the world of fintech, and he’s the second influencer in the world.

Chris Skinner

He is a London-based writer and financial commentator, he has written several books, including the best seller “Digital Bank”, where he speaks about the relationship between new technologies and the banking field.

In his Blog Chris Skinner analyzes the changes that are happening in the world of finance.

We owe to him the explanation to the masses of how FinTech works.

Did you know that the Wall Street Journal inserted him in the list of the 40 most influential people in the world of financial technology?

Mike Quindazzi

With a 25-year experience as a management consultant, Mike Quindazzi is one of the Business Development Leaders in PwC.

His position in the multinational PwC leads him to know many fields in depth, such as the IT world, financial services, international trade, etc.

He also studies the global megatrends, testing potential, technology and social impact