Terra Community Burns 25 Billion LUNC Tokens, Will It Reach The Highs?

Terra Classic LUNC is putting in more efforts to resurrect its position within the crypto world. The industry suffered a huge loss due to the May collapse of Terra, an algorithmic stablecoin, and LUNA. It intensified crypto winter, resulting in the loss of billions.

The Terra ecosystem that is now in place has begun to rebuild from the previous losses. One of its distinctive approaches is the protocol’s burning mechanism. As suggested by one Terra member, this action resulted in a 1.2% tax loss for on-chain LUNC transactions.

Burning LUNC Tokens And New Tax Burn

Terra’s community has accepted the fire-fighting mechanism as per its plans. Recent reports indicate that 25 million Terra Classic have been burned in the district.

Another report said that Binance crypto exchange has made huge strides in LUNC fires. Binance has recently revealed that the company had burnt 1.34 million Terra Classics in its fourth weekly burn. The transaction amount for the burn was 2.68 millions of coins.

Terra Community Burns 25 Billion LUNC Tokens, Will It Reach The Highs?
LUNC growth slows on Tradingview.com’s chart l LUNCUSDT

Binance pledged its support for Terra’s burning mechanism. Through its spot and margin trading fees, Terra has burned more than 12.5 million LUNC tokens.

Binance saw a decrease in the weekly burning of LUNC tokens. CZ, the CEO of Binance suggested a decrease in burning taxes to allow for more on-chain as well as off-chain transactions.

Terra Luna Classic voted recently for a modification in tax burning tokens. As per Proposal 5234, the change was 1.2% to 0.2%. This resulted in a massive vote by members of the community who were enthusiastic about the new tax reduction.

Terra has adopted tax burn to facilitate the increase in LUNC prices. The mechanism will destroy 10 billion LUNC from the token’s total supply. Oct 19th was the effective date of the tax-burn change.

Terra Price Performance

LUNC’s struggle to survive the bearish crypto market trend has been difficult. The token has shown remarkable strength throughout this difficult period.

Today’s reclaiming in the crypto market gave the token another great price movement. LUNC currently trades at $0.00241, a 5.50% increase over the previous 24 hours.

With a 9.86% volatility, the token had seen 13 of 30 (33%%) green days in the last 30 days. Currently, the sentiment of LUNC is Neutral based on technical indicators. LUNC currently has 14 indicators which indicate bullish signs and 15 that indicate bearish.

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