TA- Alien Worlds (TLM) Set For A Major Rally As Market Looks Promising

The Alien Worlds (TLM), despite few positive signs for Tether (USDT), price has not been able to get out of an extended range. 

After narrowly holding over key support, Alien Worlds may be poised for major rallies as crypto assets trend higher.

Alien Worlds Price Analysis on the Weekly Chart

Weekly Chart Analysis of TLM Prices | Source: TLMUSDT On Tradingview.com

As you can see, TLM prices fell to $0.02 per week. However, they rebounded and rose to $0.0313.

As it meets resistance at $0.031, the price is struggling to gain momentum.

If the price of TLM on the weekly chart continues with this structure, it could quickly revisit  $0.02 acting as a good support area for buy bids.

Weekly resistance for the price of TLM – $0.0313.

Weekly support for the price of TLM – $0.02.

A Price Analysis For Alien Worlds On the Daily (1D) Chart

Source: Tradingview.com| Source: TLMUSDT On Tradingview.com

TLM prices found solid support at $0.021, and what appears to be an area for interest on the daily charts.

TLM rallied after it lost support. It now faces resistance at $0.032. TLM price range has continued in a channel. A break out from this channel could see TLM price rise to $0.04 and face major resistance. Then, it may trend higher.

TLM currently stands at $0.032, higher than the 50 Exponential Moving Averages (EMA), which equals $0.03. TLM above the 50 EMA in a long timeframe can be a good sign for market recovery. It also indicates that price will trend higher.

TLM should maintain a support level above 50 EMA. Any break from this region can send TLM prices to $0.022.

Relative Strength Index (RSI), for TLM’s price on the daily chart, is higher than 50. This indicates that there are healthy bids to buy TLM.

Daily (1D) resistance for TLM price – $0.032, 0.04.

Daily (1D) support for TLM price – $0.022.

Prices Analysis Of TLM For The Four-Hourly (4H), Chart

A Four-Hourly Chart Analysis for TLM Price | Source: TLMUSDT On Tradingview.com

TLM’s price is struggling to break out of the range channel. It faces resistance at $0.032. 

The price of TLM is stable above 50 and 200 EMA, which correspond to $0.032 and $0.03 respectively. 

TLM may lose its support if there is a market sell-off. TLM might be worth $0.25.

Four-Hourly (4H) resistance for TLM price – $0.4.

Four-Hourly (4H) support for TLM price – $0.032, $0.03.

Featured Image from BeInCrypto. Charts by TradingView.com 

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