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According to a study called “A World of NFT Adoption” published by, the United States has the most non-fungible token (NFT) company headquarters in the world. The U.S. holds more than 41% NFT company headquarters worldwide. However, Singapore hosts the largest number of NFT startups, with over 10% of them.

Singapore is the next home for NFT Companies, with Singapore following suit. Taiwan, which has 24 startup companies, leads the world when it comes to NFT interest

NFT Club released a study that examined Google searches for non-fungible tokens, and how many NFT companies are worldwide. This study illustrates the country that has the highest level of interest in NFTs based on NFT-related Google queries for every 100,000 citizens. According to NFT Club’s statistics, Taiwan leads the world with 2,300,330 searches and a population of around 23,888,595 residents.

“Using Google search data, we were able to identify which countries make the most NFT-related searches,” NFT Club’s study notes. “We looked at a range of common NFT search queries and found their total volumes over the last year for 50 different countries in order to reveal the place where people are the most interested in non-fungible tokens.”

NFT search are popular in Australia as Australia holds the second highest position for interest. NFT queries were 2,137,060 in total for a population of approximately 26,068,792 people. The top two spots in NFT interest per country for Taiwan and Australia were taken by Australia and Taiwan, respectively. New Zealand, Canada and Iceland follow.

Study Shows the United States Is Home to 41% of the NFT Companies Worldwide

NFT Club’s research also details that the United States is home to the highest-funded NFT company, Forte Labs, and the second-highest funded startup, Sorare, stems from France. U.S. has 91 NFT firms, leading the way in the world for NFT companies. That means 41.55% of NFT startup startups can be found here. Singapore is home to 24 NFT firms, representing 10.96% worldwide.

India has 11 NFT businesses, or 5.2% of global aggregate. This makes it the country with the third largest number of NFT companies in India. Canada, Australia and Japan are closely followed by India. Five of the 10 highest-funded NFT corporations are located in the United States, which is why it leads the list. Forte Labs and Opensea are just a few of the U.S.-based NFT businesses. These firms have received a combined $1.6 million in funding.

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