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According to Ciena (a company that develops software and networks and provides services), Latam’s executives and workers are willing to try metaverse tools alongside their regular work. This study surveyed 15,000 workers around the globe and found optimism regarding the potential implementation of such technologies.

Workers in the Latam Office Find Metaverse-Based Software Useful

Companies have been changing how they work since the Covid-19 outbreak. This has led to remote working and increased productivity. Recent research by Ciena (a software company that makes networks and technology available) shows Latam office workers especially open to these new technologies.

Surveying 15,000 professionals from 15 countries, including Colombia, Brazil and Mexico, the study found almost 60% of respondents would be open to working remotely via a virtual platform. More than half of respondents believe virtual platforms make collaboration easier than meeting face-to-face.

These beliefs are based on different factors in each country. Mexico believes that these tools are less distracting. It is believed that the tools help the economic growth of companies in Brazil and Colombia.

Further Findings, Perceived limitations

A growing awareness is also emerging that the future of work will be a time when trends change. Latam’s survey revealed that 40% believe their workplaces will change from the traditional location to one more immersive or virtual. The percentage in Latam is much higher than the equivalent elsewhere.

Metaverse has also been deemed useful beyond work. It was found that 63% of respondents would use virtual learning platforms to learn and educate in Colombia. These platforms would be used in Mexico by 60% of the respondents to meet up, while 69% would use them to play online games in Brazil.

Respondents are aware, however, of the drawbacks of these tools as well as their dependency on infrastructure and other services. Mexico, Brazil and more than 40% of respondents said that reliability in network services was an issue for this type of application. The relative inexperience of these tools being used in work environments is another concern.

According to the World Economic Forum, the results of this survey were consistent with an earlier study in May that showed countries from Latam had greater understanding of the metaverse compared to the rest of world.

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