STEPN Falls Out of Top 100 Tokens by Market Cap

STEPN, a lifestyle app, rewards users who choose their favourite sneakers for NFTs and then run or walk outside to live a healthier lifestyle. Users were eager to get assets which could be sold for active living.

The GMT token spiked, reaching just over $4 before it crashed to the current price — $0.48. STEPN has fallen out of the 100 top tokens according to market capital due to selling pressure. It may fall further due to two new coins.

Calvaria – Trending P2E Crypto Game with 0% Transaction Taxes

The $RIA token, the native currency in the Calvaria play-to earn game Play-to Earn is the first. By using strategic combinations of cards, this battle card game rewards players who beat their opponents to win tournaments. Calvaria rewards active players who play the game regularly.

Each card is a unique ability that a player can have. Players build card decks. To beat your opponents, the goal is to build a stronger card deck. One way to do this is through unique cards or power-ups that can be redeemed for wins in matches. You can use your in-game tokens for higher-level cards. This is done by combing cards from the same strength.

Calvaria’s unique offerings

Calvaria offers two tokens as rewards, but also allows for true asset ownership. Assets can be sold on secondary markets or used in decentralized third-party applications by players who have collected them.

Calvaria created its Polygon ecosystem to avoid the problems of scaling that so many crypto-games face. This allows the ecosystem to operate with low transaction fees and high bandwidth.

Two in-game tokens that can be purchased are $eRIA (or $RIA). To receive rewards, players can use them both. You can also stake $RIA tokens. You can secure your tokens and receive daily rewards. This creates passive income streams for investors.

Investors can hold $RIA tokens to ensure that the platform functions smoothly. They can also vote on vital issues affecting the game’s future. Each coin will have a 0% tax and can be traded on an exchange.

This project’s best feature is its invitation to the public for early round fundraising. Investors will be able to buy $RIA tokens in the crypto presale and get in on this great project before others.

Investors can still be part of the second phase at $0.015 each token, although the first stage is already sold out. The tokens are a way for investors to acquire an asset, which will increase in value with each stage of the presale. The presale has received only 30%, investors need to get in soon.

Calvaria will offer a $100k giveaway in $RIA tokens to make this presale more appealing for investors. If investors have at least $100 worth of $RIA tokens, they will participate in the giveaway. Calvaria enables investors to multiply their entries by completing social media tasks such as tweeting and subscribing to the game’s Telegram channel.

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D2T Tokens – Top-Rated Utility Token Providing Crypto Trading Signals

D2T, another token that is currently in presale success, is also available. Dash 2 Trade provides traders with signals and analytics that can help them become more profitable.  Investors have many options to optimize trading strategies and make smart investment decisions.

Dash 2 Trade – Crypto Signals and Analytics Platform

Dash 2 Trade makes trading easy by sending traders buy- and sell signals. Traders wanting to optimize their technical analysis can use the platform’s strategy builder and backtester tools. This allows traders to identify the most profitable strategies and test them under market conditions.

By monitoring movements of whale wallets, traders can integrate fundamental data. Dash 2 Trade offers on-chain analytics that traders can use to determine the activities of institutional investors.

The platform also provides metrics to track social trends. It also sends metrics for social trends. Crypto investors may discuss assets via social media. This could cause price moves due to the build-up of speculation. This allows traders to purchase assets prior to potential spikes.

Dash 2 Trade provides investors with information about crypto launches as well as coins on the exchanges. The platform now has the ability to manually review presales in order for traders to determine their legitimacy.

The social trading function has been added to the platform as a way for traders to be more successful. It allows traders to participate in competitions that predict the price of assets. Dash 2 Trade pays for correct predictions. It also allows traders to exchange ideas and engage in trade. To help all profit, it tracks and shares the best-performing strategies with its community.

Dash 2 Trade Subscription Tiers

You can choose from two subscription plans: the starter or premium.

  • Starter: This allows traders to have access to market data, On-chain analysis, and Discord channels for members only. For 400 D2T per monthly, this package is available.
  • Premium: All features are available to grant access. Investors have the ability to monitor whale wallet movements and participate in live streams. For a monthly subscription, the Premium Package costs 1000 D2T or 9,600 for a yearly.

D2T tokens have 0% sales tax. They also have a fixed supply of 1,000,000 tokens. Public sale is restricted to only 66.5%. This may sound like a large number of coins. However, presale tickets sold out quickly in the first phase.

D2T tokens currently are in the second stage. Within 24 hours the first stage had raised $500,000 In less than a week, the presale raised nearly $3 million.

D2T tokens may be purchased by investors in the second phase for $0.05. The third stage will increase their value.

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