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Square Enix, Japan’s biggest gaming company, has signed a partnership agreement with Oasys. Oasys is an open-source Web3-oriented Blockchain project. Square Enix, one of Japan’s largest gaming companies, has signed a partnership with Oasys. They will become 21 of the Oasys validators and explore the possibilities of developing blockchain-based games, using decentralized technology, as well as user-generated contributions.

Square Enix confirms Oasys Blockchain Validation

Square Enix is one of few AAA gaming companies that has sought to incorporate blockchain elements into its business model. The company recently announced that it will go all the way, becoming part of the initial validator set of Oasys, a gaming-oriented blockchain advertised as a “high-speed, zero gas fee experience” for users.

Oasys Blockchain will be utilized by Japanese gaming giant Square Enix to allow the creation of new blockchain-based games as well as the incorporation of user-generated content into virtual worlds. Yosuke Saito (Director of Square Enix Blockchain Entertainment Division) stated that this partnership is a new one.

This partnership is a great one because of our shared passion for web3 gaming. We are looking forward to learning insights that could help create all-new gameplay experiences worldwide.

Oasys isn’t the only one involved in this effort. Other gaming companies also have formed partnerships with Oasys to validate their network. These 21 block validaters include both traditional and blockchain gaming companies like Sega, Ubisoft and Netmarble.

The Blockchain Background

Square Enix’s blockchain focus is not a new thing. In fact, the company has included blockchain tech as part of its business model since last year, saying it would “focus on blockchain games premised on token economies as a form of decentralized content.”

As the Oasys Partnership press release describes, the president of Square Enix has placed a lot of emphasis on the use of tech to reward those who contribute to creating virtual worlds. In January, in a new year’s letter, Square Enix President Yosuke Matsuda stated:

A wide range of motivations can be used to encourage people to play games together. Blockchain-based tokens will make this possible.

As part of celebrating the 25th anniversary of franchise creation, Final Fantasy-themed tokens will be issued using Enjin’s blockchain.

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