Spellfire Oversubscribed Twice, a Staggering $3.8M Raised

Spellfire Re-Master the Magic has closed its private funding round. This is an innovative take on the traditional collectible card game.

Shima Capital and DAO Maker are the leading investors. IBC group, Faculty, Genblock and IBA joined IBA and Maven Capital, Autonomy Capital, Terranova Ventures and Terranova Ventures to finance the initial project. Since then, interest in the project has soared beyond any funding goal.

The project is now close to being oversubscribed twice, marking a huge success for Spellfire’s development team, and leaving many of the industry’s top VC investors waiting in the wings.

Continued expansion of Spellfire’s reach is now a top priority, and the project recently welcomed two highly respected crypto experts into its family. BitBoy crypto Moon Carl join to ensure Spellfire becomes one of blockchain gaming’s hottest topics!

Spellfire’s long-awaited, and much-anticipated Token Generation Event is coming soon and the team is almost ready to announce the huge news.

Spellfire’s Mass Appeal is evident

Potential players will find an old-favorite fantasy game, which the team of developers has combined with modern design principles. Spellfire boasts many features that are sure to appeal to all gamers. It is the NFT game you should be looking out for.

The announcement that the NFTs were touchable was what initially attracted attention to the game. With the QR code linking both physical and digital cards, players will be able to have both digital or printed cards. This ensures that they can’t be faked and are playable on both tabletops and tablets.

In 2021, Play-to Earn saw an explosion in popularity. Spellfire provides many opportunities to make money, but the best is with NFT cards. NFT card investors who bought their cards as originals will see a 10-fold return on investment for every subsequent purchase. It will be more lucrative the more desirable the card is.

The Mass Adoption Of NFTs Is Close

The gaming industry’s interest in NFTs continues to grow, as does its audience. The NFT space saw impressive results in 2021, with 1.4 million unique active wallets interacting with games,  accounting for 49% of the industry’s usage. Game NFTs represent 20% of 2021’s $23 billion in NFT trading volume.

NFTs are expected to be adopted in mass quantities by the gaming industry this year. Spellfire looks poised to take advantage of the new player influx with games such as Spellfire.

Join the magic, explore Spellfire’s magical universe.



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