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Laliga is the Spanish premier soccer league. Globant, an Argentine giant in software, has announced a partnership. This will allow Laliga to provide Web3 experiences and metaverse experiences. The partnership will combine Globant’s tech resources with Laliga’s tech division in order to build products to expand the reach of the organization in the digital realm.

Laliga Enlists Globant’s Aid to Build Its Metaverse Stack

Large sports leagues are increasingly interacting with the digital world to reach new customers and offer new ways for interaction. Laliga in Spain is the top soccer league. Recently, they announced a partnership which will help to grow the company’s digital reach. To create metaverse experiences and Web3 experiences, the organization partnered up with Globant (a Buenos Aires-based company that makes software).

These new additions would come to complement the current digital offer of Laliga’s tech division, which currently includes fantasy gaming, web design and development, and other areas. A press release that describes the agreement suggests that games may be created using these new technologies. Although the agreement was made public, there were no specific products that resulted.

Oscar Mayo is the executive director at Laliga.

LaLiga Tech was established to assist sports and entertainment in their digital transformation. The surge of demand has shown that this is still a priority. Globant is our partner, allowing us to expand on this global growth and create the best immersive technologies for clients.

Laliga’s Metaverse Movements

Laliga, one of many sports leagues that have been digitizing a part of their operations has made several moves. The company has teamed up with Decentraland, an Ethereum-based metaverse platform to provide licensed IP experiences within one parcel in the metaverse. The organization also launched MAS recently, which includes blockchain tech in order to protect its supporters’ identities.

Also, the company has been entering into the traditional game asset market, offering licensed products in Mojang’s block game Minecraft. In the game, users will be able to purchase a skin pack to equip any character with jerseys of the different teams present in Laliga’s roster.

Laliga also has presented NFT-based project before. It formed a partnership in 2021 with Dapper Labs (creators of NBA Top Shots & Cryptokitties), to produce NFTs that depict the most important moments of the league’s history.

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