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Laliga, the Spanish soccer’s first division, has formed a partnership with Stadioplus, and Vegas City Limited. These two companies are related to metaverses. They will digitize a portion of their activities in order to provide new experiences for Decentraland, an Ethereum-based, metaverse. Laliga is aiming to reach new audiences around the world with its digital partnership with Stadioplus and Vegas City Limited, two metaverse-related companies.

Spanish Laliga Preparing Metaverse Entrance

Many leagues and sports organisations around the globe have begun to focus more on their digital strategies after the Covid-19 epidemic. This is a way to open new revenue streams. Laliga, one of Europe’s most well-known soccer leagues, was recently invited into the metaverse.

A strategic partnership was established by the company that allows it to showcase activities and experiences on Decentraland. This is one of the first Ethereum-based, metaverse platform. Stadioplus is a company that links the world of sport with Web3 or the metaverse. Vegas City Limited, which specializes in making experiences for the metaverse and virtual realms, will be assisting the company.

Laliga is hoping to connect with younger people through this new move. In a series of packages in Vegas City (a Decentraland area that includes entertainment, sports and gaming), the new experiences are available.

Stephen Ibbotson from Laliga’s franchises and licensing department spoke out about the partnership:

It is vital that LaLiga continues to innovate in order to offer the very best in competition to its fans on and off the pitch. We will be able to reach new audiences, like Decentraland with this license agreement.

Agus Ferreira CEO, Decentraland Foundation stated the importance of integrating sports into the metaverse.

Esports offers a unique opportunity to showcase the potential of decentralization and web3 in a new way. Stadioplus is delighted to collaborate with us on Laliga’s inclusion in Decentraland. This will allow the competition to reach millions more fans all over the globe.

Spanish Soccer Teams and The Metaverse

Other Spanish teams also have presented metaverse initiatives. FC Barcelona, the largest team in the league launched Barca Studios in March to manage its entertainment-based division and centralize development of all metaverse activities. was a fan-token company which had partnered with FC Barcelona before the launch of its fan token. It invested $100,000,000 in Barca Studios in August.

FC Real Madrid (another Laliga club) filed several trademark applications to secure their IP in relation to metaverse activities.

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