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PRESS RELEASE. SpaceSeven’s state-of the-art NFT marketplace was launched recently, 23 November. The SpaceSeven marketplace is the first of its kind — one of the few — if not the only scaled e-commerce, fully regulatory compliant platform.

By combining powerful NFT marketplace technology from Tacans, a Swiss-based Software development house, and Venture Builder, with an R&D center in Ukraine and the vanguard Concordium blockchain platform, SpaceSeven achieved a world-class NFT Marketplace that is expected to fundamentally transform artists’ exposure and recognition.

With the Concordium blockchain platform, SpaceSeven is able to offer significantly lower gas fees — literally a fraction of the cost of Ethereum or other proof-of-work protocols — and at the same time facilitate transaction speeds that are ten times faster.

Packed with several game-changing features like ‘Universes’ that deliver unique experiences through exclusive customized galleries, SpaceSeven is undoubtedly redefining NFT marketplaces as we knew them. It allows you to add NFTs from different networks. Also, it supports payments using cryptocurrency and credit cards.

SpaceSeven: Who are they?

SpaceSeven is an NFT marketplace that uses multiple blockchains and Concordium. It was created by Tacans. Concordium has a Reg DeFi-centric Layer 1 Blockchain. This allows for fast, real finalization and an ID layer at each protocol level. Concordium has the ability to create a privacy-centric KYT design which protects legitimate users, but can also remove anonymity from certain transactions if necessary for safety.

Concordium’s unique ecosystem has empowered Tacans, the venture builder, to launch SpaceSeven, an NFT marketplace that is truly sustainable, secure, and regulatory-compliant.

Lars Seier Christensen – Co-Founder & Group Chairman of Concordium and SpaceSeven

“I have been an investor, collector, and lover of art for many years. There has never been a better opportunity for creativity, new formats and income streams for artists or galleries than with the NFT sector. SpaceSeven is our contribution to this historic opportunity.”

How does SpaceSeven solve these problems?

SpaceSeven was founded with Concordium as the primary chain. SpaceSeven quickly found solutions for the major industry challenges.

Regulatory Compliance

Designed with a built-in user identity layer at the protocol level, Concordium ensures that a user’s identity is confirmed and every transaction is trackable. Its Zero-Knowledge Proof design allows two parties to interact without having to reveal any unclaimed information.

Fixed and Low Fees

Concordium’s transaction fees are well-defined and do not link to the value of an asset. They are instead fixed and built into the protocol. Incentives mechanisms combined with the proof-of–stake model ensure that transaction costs remain low and are fixed.

Carbon-Net Neutrality

With Concordium’s proof-of-stake model that consumes minuscule amounts of energy compared to other blockchains like Ethereum and Bitcoin, SpaceSeven is proving to be one of the most eco-friendly NFT marketplaces.


Concordium transactions receive an encrypted ID for better fraud protection. Furthermore, with Concordium’s two-layer consensus design, SpaceSeven remains secure if cybercriminals hijack less than 50% of its stake.


SpaceSeven’s goal is to make it easier for creators and digital artists to enter the NFT marketplace. SpaceSeven’s game-changing features have allowed them to create a cost-effective and user-friendly NFT platform for creators where they can sell or mint their NFTs at an auction price.

Wallet Integration

SpaceSeven supports CryptoX Wallet through our NFT marketplace platform. This wallet will facilitate the CCD token, Concordium’s native token.

How can I get to SpaceSeven

We are available to users worldwide. Our website allows you to purchase, mint or trade NFTs through the SpaceSeven NFT Marketplace.

Innovative Partnerships

ENTER Art Fair 2021

ENTER Art Fair 2020 recently formed a partnership to SpaceSeven. Over 61 galleries are represented at the world-famous art fair, which is based in Copenhagen. Each gallery receives one NFT. ENTER Art Fair seeks to go beyond artistic conventions, and explore new platforms. SpaceSeven is proud of this ambition. More than 61 galleries took part in the event. Every gallery picks one artist from their top-rated list to mint and then sell premium NFTs on SpaceSeven NFT Marketplace. The event was held between August 26 – August 29, 2021.


NFTs are a growing global trend and the recent launch of an NFT-game with celebrity participation in Ukraine has prompted great excitement. DOROFEEVA (one of Ukraine’s top pop artists, with tracks in top digital charts), fashion influencer and blogger was the first to sign up for the platform. She will be presenting the game at The Conference.NFT in Kyiv on November 27th.


SpaceSeven is the world’s first NFT marketplace built on the eco-friendly and highly effective Concordium blockchain as its primary chain. SpaceSeven allows artists and other creative professionals to make NFTs for very low prices, display their work in exclusive universes, then sell them easily.

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